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Politics put to one side in sign of closer ties

Brazil and the US put politics to one side

A growing sense of friendship between the two countries makes sense in an increasingly multipolar world, writes Joe Leahy

Deal making: Lucrative business transactions help cash flow in both directions

Warren Buffett venture illustrates a growing trend, writes Joe Leahy

Agriculture: Bumper crops fall victim to inadequate infrastructure

Potential to supplant US output is being undermined, writes Amy Stillman

Capital markets: Record low borrowing rates lure corporations north

The US is a better option for companies seeking debt, says Vivianne Rodrigues

Foreign policy: Change of tone starts to pay dividends in Washington

Rousseff has avoided conflicts of a previous era, writes John Paul Rathbone

Defence: Embraer deal seals cordial relationship

Brazil may be about to return the favour with its own aircraft purchase, writes Samantha Pearson

Ethanol: Logic of circular biofuel trade comes into question

Sales of commodity intended to reduce greenhouse gases have opposite effect, writes Greg Meyer

Education: Institutions poised to capitalise on an expanding middle class

Amy Stillman reports on rising demand for skills such as engineering and technology