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Brazil has made great strides, and it is keen to make sure it does not fall behind in a world in which manufacturing products and exporting commodities is no longer enough

Brazil must embrace change to flourish

It is not enough to be a commodity exporter, the nation needs to do more to encourage creative entrepreneurialism

Pre-salt oilfield is a challenge for Petrobras

The sheer size of the reserves and the complexity of operations will put a strain on the state-run company

Embraer’s heaviest aircraft, the KC-390

Aerospace: Embraer holds its own against global manufacturers

Industry has set a course for the future

Agriculture: Genetic modification means beans stay on the menu

Science has helped to boost production

Entrepreneurs seize on social media

With slightly more than half the population online, opportunities abound, now and in the future

Recife’s technology park

Recife puts incentives in place for business

Brazil’s Venice has increasingly become known as its Silicon Valley

Roberto Jaguaribe, Brazil’s ambassador to the UK, right, is shown a flight simulator during a visit to Sheffield Hallam University in 2012
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Rousseff puts faith in foreign studies

Nation invests billions to give workers the knowledge to compete

Vaccine producers flourish in field dominated by multinationals

Researchers make big breakthroughs despite budget limits

Market-facing R&D required to spur creativity

Most of Brazil’s innovations have not renewed business sectors, reignited business cycles or made early adopters rich