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Plans to break logistical bottlenecks are under way before the country hosts big sporting events, but the ambitious agenda to unleash $407bn of infrastructure spending is problematic

Boom in urban construction

Upgrade task has become pressing in the run-up to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games

Shipping: Rousseff reform aims to consign clogged ports to history

Hopes rise following president’s approval of legislation

Regional development: waterways could be decongestants

Investment aims to ease gridlocks on roads

Newly constructed monorail tracks weave their way through São Paulo’s suburbs

Mass transit: leaders seek to end country’s love affair with the car

Developers hope middle-class drivers can be persuaded to commute via high-capacity metro lines

Cities: riots over fares highlight São Paulo’s transport problems

Street protests offered a glimpse of wider dissatisfaction

Transport hubs: airport upgrades suffer slow take-off

Pressure is on to meet some tight deadlines

Regeneration: Rio’s Olympic deadline forces transport upgrades

City is in the lead in the race to complete urban projects before country hosts next year’s World Cup

Hoteliers fear country will come to standstill during World Cup

Temporary influx of visitors may prove mixed blessing for businesses