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There are high hopes that the government’s strategic response will give the country’s capital markets room to grow

Interest rate shift fuels optimism

There are high hopes that the government’s strategic response will give Brazil’s capital markets room to grow, says Joe Leahy

Economy: First signs of return to growth

Government structural measures are building confidence in the recovery, writes Joe Leahy

Entrepreneur travails: Bullish Batista still in the hunt

Don’t rule out the darling of investors, says Amy Stillman

Interest rates: Fixed income market is the battlefield for currency wars

Investors must judge if barriers to entry are worth the fight

Stock exchange operators: Industry stalemate as rivals clamour for access

BM&FBovespa is cementing its hold on the country’s capital markets, making it difficult for the competition, writes Samantha Pearson

Itau Unibanco made a $6.8bn acquisition of the 50 per cent stake in Redecard it did not already own

M&A: Global interest keeps market buoyant in spite of downturn

Deal flows remained respectable in Latin America’s largest economy, underlining the strength of companies, writes Joe Leahy

Tok&Stok store

Private equity: Lively consumer market offers comfort in tougher landscape

There are plenty of opportunities, says Samantha Pearson

The real – Mantega targets magic number

Finance minister determined to keep currency at two to US dollar, writes John Paul Rathbone

Property: Housebuilders start to recover

Stocks look attractive after sector refocus, writes Amy Stillman

Derivatives: Sophisticated market drives liquidity

BM&FBovespa exchange’s model that minimises risk is becoming a reference for foreign regulators, writes Vivianne Rodrigues

Viewpoint: Oxera’s assessment of the the equity market

If the Brazilian economy continues to grow, there will be scope for multiple trading platforms, write Reinder Van Dijk and Luis Correia da Silva