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The centuries-old Silk Road is being reconstituted and strengthened for the modern era as Middle Eastern countries respond to slowing growth in developed markets by strengthening links in Asia, Africa and South America

Gulf states forge links with Asia as building boom drives imports

Two-way trade with fast-growing emerging markets will increase in importance, while infrastructure spending is sucking in imports

Nasser Saidi

Nasser Saidi’s plan to boost intra-Arab trade

Regional trade agreements are in place, but enforcement is lacking and benefits are not visible

Heavy spending redraws economic map

Billions of dollars are being invested to reduce reliance on oil and diversify sources of income

Lindsay Miller: head of Dubai’s latest free zone, Design District
©Oliver Jackson

Free zones help spur diversification

Dubai has been particularly successful with these sectoral enclaves, and neighbours are catching on

Tehran courts UAE as mood brightens

A comprehensive nuclear deal with leading powers could end sanctions and boost trade and investment

Uruguayans swap beef for Egyptian apricots

The Arab dining table offers a growing market for exporters as trade with Latin America picks up

India: Historic links to grow in importance

Trade ties go back centuries but attracting much-needed investment from the Gulf is proving harder

Hopes raised for increased China-Arab trade

The political fortunes of troubled Arab states are likely to determine how economic ties develop