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There is economic and military turmoil across the Arab world with the global downturn, the low price of oil and the rise of Isis. Nevertheless, countries like Iraq and Lebanon are trying to establish better trade relationships with places from Iran and Brazil to China and Nigeria

Iran looks to Iraq and even Syria for trade

But not all its Arab neighbours are receptive to the non-Arab nation’s overtures

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Saudi Aramco sale heralds new market

Saudi Arabia is preparing privatisations designed to attract foreign investors

Moroccans warm to the potential of Paris

Fleeing a stiff culture, young émigrés are climbing France’s corporate ladder

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Luis Curi wants deeper Brazil-Lebanon ties

The businessman says Brazil’s auto market crisis is an ‘embarrassment’ to be overcome

Dubai hotels welcome new Chinese and Nigerian middle classes

Emerging-market tourists are heading to the UAE


Arab region expected to bounce back

Oil prices are set to rise and infrastructure investment could help forge new trade links

A woman takes pictures of looted Iraqi artifacts during a ceremony to repatriate more than 60 Iraqi cultural items which had been smuggled into the US at the Iraqi consulate in Washington, DC, on March 16, 2015
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How antiquities are funding terrorism

Trade in ‘blood antiques’ is booming under Isis

Opinion: Time to join era of trade liberalisation

Globalisation is far from dead, writes Shawn Donnan

A dredger works on a new section of the Suez canal during a media tour in Ismailia, Egypt, Saturday, June 13, 2015
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Full steam ahead on Suez Canal expansion

Experts say it is too early to say if the improved sailing times will be a major boost to revenues

Cranes are seen at the port of Haifa
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Turkey’s Israel sea-and-land route closes

Turkey’s trucks are no longer landing at Haifa for Jordan

Saudi ports show efforts to diversify

Ambitious plans may disappoint without training and logistics investment

Lebanon’s gas sector tested by politics

Finds would be game-changing, but efforts to exploit potentially rich resources have stalled

Aramex aims to disrupt deliveries

The company plans to launch mobile apps that will see the public become part-time couriers