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Literacy rates are low across the region and young people lack the skills their economies demand. But despite widespread difficulties, Arab parents are ambitious for their children

Conflict adds to problems for teachers

The background of war exacerbates a profound institutional malaise that hinders the training of young people

Bias towards rote learning stifles critical thinking

Literacy rates are low and students lack skills

Egypt’s teachers enjoy lucrative sideline in private tuition for state pupils

Our children fail classes unless we pay up, say parents

Hizbollah mixes maths with doctrine

Standards are high and graduates score well at Lebanese militant group’s private institutions

Textbooks rewritten after regime changes

Pluralism seems far off in spite of ideological upheavals of the Arab uprisings

Students bemoan lack of quality tuition in rush to master English

Language schools in north Africa are booming

Classical Arabic language being forgotten

Elite schools across the region teach in English

Western universities: reputations at stake in Gulf links

Satellite operations raise issues of academic freedom

Doha learning zone is a boost for locals

Overseas institutions expand outreach programmes

Female graduates in Saudi Arabia come up against ‘walls of tradition’

Stereotypes remain despite investment in education