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The Arab world has been experiencing a period of buoyant financial activity. However, there is an urgent need for restructuring as the Middle East and North Africa continue to experience high unemployment, sluggish growth and the fallout from political unrest across much of the region.

Cash rolls in as region shrugs off bad news

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa
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Indicators show a marked upturn in financial activity in the region, even as sectarian violence spreads

a visitor to the Dubai Financial Market using prayer beads
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Equities soar as confidence returns to stock markets

Despite gains, growth will probably slow

Cautious mood pervades the sovereign wealth fund industry

Managers make the most of their freedom to take a longer-term view on investments

Gulf delivers rich returns to local private equity groups

Overseas firms are seeking ways to become part of the action

A Tunisian demonstrator throws a rock during clashes with security forces on Mohamed V avenue in Tunis on January 14, 2011
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Point of view: Steffen Hertog

Prescription to reform the world of business

Farouk Soussa of Citibank

Uprisings leave sluggish growth in their wake

Structural reform and wider employment are urgent priorities

Non-Muslims tap sukuk market

UK was first government from west to issue an Islamic bond