Sustainable Business

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Attaching a value to the environment may help avoid damaging developments

Pristine forest is finite resource

Attaching a value to the environment may help avoid damaging developments

Medicinal potential: Search for right formula to exploit native species

Andrew Jack explores the legal and practical issues surrounding untapped biological resources

Stewardship: Farmers help to conserve land

John Carter, the founder of Aliança da Terra, is trying to promote good land stewardship, writes Jonathan Wheatley

Manaus: Free trade zone is jungle capital’s passport to success

Joe Leahy says the city should focus on transport links, not rely on tax breaks

Hydroelectric power: Spate of dam building meets resistance

Brazil’s ambitious plans are sparking protests, says Naomi Mapstone

Ransom: Rainforest held hostage by oil interests unless the world pays to preserve biosphere

Ecuador has offered to leave reserves under national park untapped if wealthy nations contribute, writes Naomi Mapstone

Venezuela: Backwater status benefits environment

Development is not on the agenda, says Benedict Mander

Izabella Teixeira and Marina Silva: ‘No trade-off’ to balance growth and conservation

Samantha Pearson interviews Brazil’s environment minister and one of her predecessors

Harnessing the forest

Private initiatives are using the jungle as both a market and a source of raw materials, writes Naomi Mapstone and Samantha Pearson

Philip Fearnside: The biome faces a variety of increasing threats

The creation of pasture for cattle is one of the main causes of deforestation

Amazon survey: A Colombian shaman in Britain’s House of Lords

Taita Querubin Queta Alvarado pleads for help in preserving the environment and his people’s way of life