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The African Union has labelled 2014 the Year of Agriculture and Food Security, but from Nigeria to Ghana and Zimbabwe to Kenya it is struggling to make better use of technologies such as irrigation and chemical fertilisers

Africa: In search of a green revolution

Boosting agricultural productivity is high on the African Union’s agenda

Cassava crop now the centre of attention

No longer just a subsistence crop, opportunities are growing for this drought-resistant root

Kenya: Poaching sugarcane

The highly inefficient sugar industry is also under attack from cane poachers, costing companies millions of dollars a year

Global companies help boost small farms

Kick-starting thousands of small holdings with resources and finance makes good business sense

New initiatives to help increase cocoa yield

There is talk of a 1m tonne shortage in 2020

Zimbabwe: Farmers face slow recovery

It will take a decade to regain pre-land reform output levels