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With a growing population that is largely ‘unbanked’ and a landscape that has embraced mobile technology, Africa offers vast potential for growth

Africa offers vast growth potential

A population rise, combined with technological progress, bode well for further development

Insurers eye opportunities in Africa

Industry optimistic about prospects in under-developed market despite governance and infrastructure problems

Africa embraces Islamic finance

Countries are laying legal groundwork to access sukuk market

offshore oil rig

Sovereign funds expand in Africa

Countries aim to make best use of cash from resource discoveries

Fan Milk vendor

Africa M&A prospects are bright

Some investment analysts believe the continent holds plenty of promise for 2014

Nigeria embraces cashless revolution

From settling bills to withdrawing cash, the way transactions are conducted has changed radically in 10 years

African countries race to issue bonds

What was once an oddity is now a rapidly growing market

South Africa groups look to underbanked

The challenge is to make expanding the client base profitable

Unsecured lending is cause for concern

Critics say growth in consumer credit is unsustainable amid challenging conditions