July issue

Manufacturers’ ambitious production plans depend on their supply chains

Builders must prove they can deliver

Manufacturers’ ambitious production plans depend on their supply chains, writes Andrew Parker


IAG and Emirates want political vision for UK airports

Comac: China offers serious challenge to Boeing and Airbus

Progress may be slow but the builder has potential, says Simon Rabinovitch

Farnborough: Defence keeps a lower profile

Quieter show but still gripping for insiders, writes Carola Hoyos

European airlines: Consolidation should improve prospects

Carriers are facing losses, writes Andrew Parker

India: Industry in need of a shakeout and restructuring

Overcapacity and a subsidised national carrier are hurting, writes Neil Munshi

Chinese airlines: Big opportunities at home and abroad

The sector has been expanding at 10% a year, writes Kit Gillet

Regulation: Groundwork under way for efficiency in Europe’s skies

Air traffic control reform is overdue, writes Rose Jacobs

Lufthansa biofuel
©Rolf Bewersdorf

Environment: Airlines begin to realise green fuel is a complex proposition

Biofuels have arrived but they remain too costly, says Rose Jacobs

Emissions trading: Compromise proposed on pollution law

Airbus has idea to defuse row, report Rose Jacobs and Andrew Parker

China: Doing it all yourself has its drawbacks

Learning curve has steep trajectory, says Kathrin Hille

Sales: Battle-readiness clinched biggest deal

Carola Hoyos picks over the lessons from India’s recent purchase

Drones: Fighter of the future has no pilot flying it

Europe is targeting UAV development, says Carola Hoyos

Procurement: Dependent on vision and strategy

The test for airlines’ strategies will be whether they help with improving on recent decades’ patchy profitability, writes Robert Wright

Russia: Attempt to break into civil market

The industry is trying to rebalance from its 90% military bias, writes Charles Clover

February 2012

Overview: Asia gives aviation sector reasons for cheer

With the global economic crisis hitting long-established European and US carriers, the demand for travel in the region, especially in China, will provide much-needed relief for the industry at the Singapore Air Show

Video: Asian airlines boost aviation industry

With western airlines braced for losses in 2012, Andrew Parker, aerospace correspondent, says Asian carriers should provide some cheer for the aviation industry

State aid: China’s upstart aims to put rivals in a spin

Comac has hopes of challenging Airbus and Boeing, but the aircraft manufacturer may discover that state funding is as much of a burden as a benefit, reports Simon Rabinovitch

Crisis fallout: Signs of cargo’s woes fill desert

The downturn in European consumer demand, as well as weakness in other parts of the world economy, have lead to an increasing number of the world’s goods-carrying aircraft being left idle in the Mojave, writes Robert Wright

Air power: Rafale swoops to top of India’s list

The choice of the fourth-generation fighter provides a much-needed boost for French economic and industrial prestige and opens the way to a transfer of technology that will help build India’s own aerospace industry, writes James Lamont