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The global fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft is forecast to double over the next 20 years. Military aviation, meanwhile, is having to reinvent itself in a world where the use of drones is jumping. And in space, private and especially smaller companies are taking a growing share of the sector.

Boeing and Airbus face big order backlog

There are fears of a downturn, competition and delivery hiccups

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Upgraded drones raise ethical concerns

UAVs may reduce military costs and casualties, but the lethal technology provokes disquiet

Smarter aircraft create wealth of data

Technological advances needed to realise potential savings

Space: Giant steps for all mankind

The rapid rise in global spending has been much driven by satellite navigation and television

Aviation industry works to improve safety

New tracking standard planned after disappearance of MH370


Aerospace suppliers braced as demand soars

Sector is set to double over the next decade, but SMEs face capacity constraints and price pressures

Companies vie to replace cold war relic

Lockheed and Boeing bid against Northrop for US Air Force contact


Cheaper fuel boosts capacity and competition

Robust profits increase leasing of fuel-hungry veteran aircraft and orders for efficient new models

Bombardier seeks CSeries lift at air show

Manufacturer needs orders to take off in Paris

Opinion: Expect a fairly benign Paris Air Show

Don’t expect a great deal of pizzazz


Jetmakers braced for slowdown in orders

There are increasing signals that airlines, on the back of the economic recovery, are expanding their fleets too quickly

F35 Farnborough doubt highlights questions

Lockheed Martin focuses on further development

Airbus bets on timely take-off for A350 despite past delays

Europe’s latest is behind schedule, but with half the holdup faced by Boeing’s Dreamliner

The 21st century promises era of radical change, but no rocket belts

It is easy to feel that the pace of development in aviation has slowed

Too early for Bombardier to celebrate

Two events in the past year could prove decisive to the success or failure of the CSeries airliner

Budget carriers create a new map for airlines

Cut-price upstarts gain the advantage

Norwegian Air Shuttle retains hope of living the dream

Delays and lack of alliance partner have hit services of the low-cost Scandinavian operator

Flight MH370: Record casts doubt on ‘never again’ promise

Authorities failed to act on a previous disaster

First sits below business in airline bottom lines

Experiments protect industry golden egg

Drones enter more sober zone

Stricter budgets and appetite for intervention may prompt reassessment of UAVs

Flight testing

Facebook, Google and Amazon explore prospects for the drone economy

Test site highlights engine battle

Manufacturers go to extreme lengths in quest for most reliable product