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Final update

Divers’ championship: Vettel claims third straight world title

Picture slideshow: Images of the 2012 season

A season of giants

This year’s championship have shown that the cast of characters in F1 is deeper than just the leading three teams

Video and interactive

Business of F1
Williams chief and CEO of Formula E discuss the key issues facing Formula One with James Allen
Pictures from the 63rd season of the Formula One World Championship
NASCAR race fan ©Boston Globe/Getty
Texas seeks to become the home of F1 in the US. Can it succeed?

All bets are off at season-ending Grand Prix

Business elite crowd is expected to gather in what is also regarded as a networking opportunity during the weekend finale

Brazilian GP brings back memories of past legends

Current Brazilian drivers are stars in their own right but have yet to compete with the greats of the past

Red Bull engineer an energetic fightback

Team’s technicians take credit for second-half turnround

Drivers need to oil the wheels of F1

Teams look for sponsorship to accompany talent

2012 Malaysian Grand Prix - Sunday Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 25th March 2012
©:Charles Coates/LAT Photographic

Fernandes wants faster route to car sales

Caterham team chief sees formula for sports car business

Behind the scenes at Monza

Audio slideshow: Behind the scenes at Monza

James Allen goes behind the scenes at Monza

Slideshow: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton: a racer’s life in pictures

Video: Monaco fights to retain pole position

The technology and engineering of the most expensive road cars is increasingly catching up with that seen in top levels of motor racing

Driving forward

The constantly evolving sport of Formula One has a rare talent for making money as it continues to push into new markets, writes Roger Blitz

City state aims high

The Singapore Grand Prix is about more than just F1 racing. It is where the biggest companies in the region gather annually to do business, reports Jeremy Grant

Horse powered

John Reed is given a rare tour of Ferrari’s racing car division, and finds an organisation geared for success

Season of surprises

Changes to the sport’s rule book and the introduction of a new tyre supplier have had a significant impact, writes James Allen

Looking forward

Bernie Ecclestone has made Formula One the force that it is today, but the 81-year-old still faces challenges, writes Roger Blitz

Lotus blossoms

Gerard Lopez uses the F1 team to help grow his other business interests, writes James Allen

Video: High cost of F1 still an issue

Marussia F1 boss says sport is still too expensive

The golden generation

James Allen assesses how this current crop of drivers compares with the iconic groups of racers of F1’s earlier years

Sir Frank Williams: Back in the hunt

Despite five decades in motorsport, the team principal of Williams F1 shows no sign of slowing down, finds Roger Baird

Sign of the times

Talented women are making inroads into the traditionally male-dominated world of motorsport – on and off the track, writes Simon Gray

Video Singapore weighs cost of Grand Prix

City state night race has reputation as best event for networking

Audio slideshow: A fan’s-eye view of an F1 Grand Prix

F1 has long been synonymous with speed, glamour and money. But for the spectators who pay to watch on race weekends, the sport has a rather different appeal

Video: Singapore presents a unique challenge

Christian Horner of Red Bull talks about changes over the last few years

Track star

When it comes to creating F1 circuits, Hermann Tilke is now the only name in town, writes Edwin Heathcote

Open season for the top prizes

As the drivers jockey for the championship, talks continue behind the scenes on how the sport’s revenues will be shared out

Video: Inside Ferrari’s car factory

The FT is given a rare look behind the scenes at the Italian company’s Maranello headquarters

Renault in running for surge in engine sales

The French company looks to be the dominant supplier as teams switch to more fuel-efficient V6 designs

Monza’s festival of speed and passion

But this time Italian drivers are nowhere to be found in Ferrari’s backyard

Audio slideshow: A history of the German Grand Prix

The links between Germany and motorsport is strong, stretching back almost a century

Formula One left floating as IPO on hold

Until recently, it seemed that F1 would float on the Singapore stock exchange. Now the ownership of the series is much less clear

Gender balance shifts gear in male-led sport

Women are playing increasingly important roles in F1 – be they drivers, mechanics, team personnel or executives

Silverstone returns to centre stage

Nothing epitomises the quintessentially British nature of motor sport like the classic circuit

Video: F1 still buoyant despite economic climate

It is the mid-point of the F1 season, and the action off the track has been nearly as exciting as on it

Off track, on target

Formula One technology is being transferred to a range of other sports and industries, with great success

Audio slideshow: Goodwood Festival of Speed

A love affair with classic cars that lasts a lifetime

The Venezuelans are coming

Drivers from the South American country are starting to make an impact on motor sport

May 2012

Wheels of fortune

Five races into one of the most open season in recent memory, many believe the new Pirelli tyres have made F1 more unpredictable

Interactive graphic: F1 teams and drivers 2012

James Allen assesses the teams and drivers competing for the top prize this year

Unique location bestows glamour

The dominance of the European races may be declining, but Monaco’s appeal is still highly marketable

Interactive feature: F1 circuits

Video: Monaco fights to retain pole position

Can the principality see off the challenge from newer races such as Singapore and stay ahead of the pack?