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The FT’s favourite work haiku


As we end the competition after 18 months, we present the best of the winners

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Workplace Haiku: work

Poets take a glum view of work in our final competition


Workplace Haiku: March equinox

The winner manages subtly to marry work and spring


Workplace Haiku: women at work

Our winning poem is ‘more mantra than haiku’

Workplace Haiku: anger management

The theme prompted clever wordplay

Workplace Haiku: damaged reputation

Poetic takes on the dangers of descent into ill repute


Workplace Haiku: office rivalry

This week’s theme shows employees at their worst


Workplace Haiku: miscommunication

The theme garnered more pith than poetry this week


Workplace Haiku: the praise of peers

The theme often sounds hollow, especially in a downturn


Workplace Haiku: new boss

Poems of ambiguity and simplicity

Workplace Haiku: January gloom

The theme elicits sad, brief poems of linguistic beauty

Workplace Haiku: making sense of a changing work world

This year we will ask how our work context is changing

Workplace Haiku: stationery cupboard

The theme prompts poems full of nostalgic musings

Workplace Haiku: multitasking

‘Felicity of language’ wins this week’s theme

Winning poem examines a foreign takeover

Ernesto Santiago pens a subtly complex poem

Workplace Haiku: dawn in the office

The theme prompts poets to play with light

Workplace Haiku: view from the office window

The theme refreshes and reminds that the world out there cares little about our current crises

Workplace Haiku: office ghoul

Verses about ‘ghoulies and ghosties, and long-legged beasties’

Workplace Haiku: sick day

Theme prompts poems of bravado and glee more than artistry

Workplace Haiku

Dystopian reality where machine has beaten man inspires the winners