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Some argue that quotas have done little to address the gender imbalance at the lower rungs of corporate life, and that companies must now innovate beyond the boardroom to sustain a pipeline of female talent

Boardroom success hides trouble below

The 30% Club is shifting its campaigning focus from female company chairmen to seeing more women in middle management

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Challenging presumptions of difference

Expensive diversity initiatives are unlikely to deliver intended results until societies tackle deeper biases

The gender pay gap is growing wider, especially for mothers

Lower salaries can set in at the very beginning of women’s careers

We need to make paternity leave ‘trendy’

Changing societal norms will have the biggest effect

Gender pay gap shows little sign of closing

Every nation pays men more than women – and voluntary action to tackle the issue is failing

Ending stigma of part-time working ‘would benefit all’

A look beyond the claim that flexible options are a ‘women’s issue’ and work patterns changing

from left: Janet Yellen, Avid Modjtabai and Anne Richards

Banking ‘in transition’ as role models emerge

In popular culture, there are no senior women in finance – but finds signs of change in the real world

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Much HR effort ‘wasted’ by focusing on gender differences

A look at the practical steps taken to redress gender imbalances and why they have had so little impact

‘Glacial’ rate of progress brings calls for quotas

The case for quotas: a look at the ‘necessary evil’ of forcing company boards to appoint more women

Heather Jackson

Supporters of targets say ‘voluntary is best’

The case against quotas: some women are convinced that gradual progress and a growing momentum will deliver sustainable change

Dress codes

Is the suit and tie fading as a power symbol for men?

Childcare: numbers fail to add up when mothers return to work

The cost of nannies and nurseries creates a barrier that prevents many women resuming a career after starting a family

Why a ‘pipeline of women leaders’ is not the answer

Companies that are serious about diversity need to think more creatively about how to recruit women to senior positions

Could gender equality liberate ‘the trapped male’?

The wider potential benefits of having more women in senior roles

Ready for the board

Two organisations provide lists of qualified female candidates

Christine Hodgson: ‘My gender has never held me back’

The executive chairman of Capgemini UK tells how having male mentors and trusting her instincts shaped her career

Careless words can cost careers

One of the world’s leading linguistics experts says subtle differences in the use of language can have far-reaching effects

‘Lack of ambition’ deters women

Peter Whitehead asks an IT boss for her explanation of why there is a shortage of female business leaders

Fundamental change could take ‘at least a generation’

Dina Medland reviews the progress made over the two years since Lord Davies’s report on gender diversity in the boardroom

Fleur Bothwick: Working for progress across a firm with global reach

Sharmila Devi asks Ernst & Young’s director of diversity how she is tackling gender imbalances

C-suite culture: Women told they need to learn to say ‘I’ more

Sharmila Devi looks at how females can become candidates for promotion – without acting like men

Body language: ‘I didn’t wear a dress – I was terrified of seeming too female’

Sharmila Devi finds women are developing their own coping strategies

Networking: Smart strategy key to making the right connections

Sharmila Devi talks to successful women about ‘organisational politics’ and the need to ‘elbow their way into a man’s world’

‘Attractive employers don’t leave diversity to chance’

Head to head: why some businesses attract one gender more than another

When the questions get personal

Successful women are often asked how they cope. But some view this as a potentially damaging topic

‘It used to be about fixing the women’

Best practice has now switched to trying to ‘fix the environment’

Boardroom numbers are only part of the picture

There could be other ways of assessing levels of diversity – and statistics already exist

Opinion: Future looks bright as flexibility increases

Opinion: Alison Maitland looks at changes being driven education and technology

Career profiles

Emer Timmons of BT; Cece Stewart of Citi; Avril Martindale of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer; and Doreen Rigby of State Street

Bridging the gaps created by maternity leave

Some businesses are helping new mothers to stay in touch with work

Does everyone want a flash car when they reach the top?

Do women become more like men when they take on similar roles?