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Want to work for the UN or Oxfam? Get ready for a fast-changing world

Innovation fever breaks out as development landscape shifts

Aid groups such as USAID use Silicon Valley tactics to lure business executive do-gooders

Focus on Africa: Quality rises but a wider, younger intake is needed

Aid agencies must recruit fresh talent to remain relevant

Cocoa reforms leave bittersweet taste

The World Bank was behind two shake-ups of the vital industry – has it got it right?

Jason Clay, WWF’s senior vice-president of market transformation

Feeding all will cost the earth by 2050

Saving the world by shifting how we get our food is hard work

Ernesto Sirolli: new Victorians must leave Gates and Bono in the savannah’s dust

‘We need ‘new’ everything and the Millennials are up to the task. They are the new Victorians’

November 2013

Varied qualifications complicate hiring

A look at how organisations meet a growing demand for educational diversity when assessing job candidates

Use of ‘big data’ creates demand for IT expertise

Organisations are using technology to improve effectiveness – and how this affects hiring

Kate Fearon

First-hand experience of the front line

Kate Fearon on her life and work in troublespots – from Northern Ireland to Afghanistan and Kosovo

‘Get ahead by going places’

Employees accept the need for tough postings if they are to rise up the ranks

Expanding operations: Inter-American Development Bank plans to streamline its activities

Efficiency drive could create a need for private sector skills

April 2013

Business executives find fresh challenges

Virginia Marsh reports on how a move from the corporate world can be exhilarating – but says the transition can be difficult

Ann Grant: Diplomat turns banker to make new contribution

Virginia Marsh hears how a career with Oxfam and the UK foreign office led to a financial services role

Recruitment processes: Candidates must prepare for a different experience

Charis Gresser explains how and why there can be variations in procedures between the corporate and non-profit worlds

Due diligence: Questions are vital before making a leap

Sharmila Devi asks how applicants can reassure themselves about the stability of an organisation they are seeking to join


Satisfaction is reward in not-for-profit organisations

Salaries are lower than in private sector – depending on where you come from, writes Tim Smedley

Consolidation: Funding shift weakens resistance to mergers

A rare case of two charities combining could be the first of many, writes Sarah Murray

‘You get to use all your professional skills’

Interview: Amanda Seller, head of service for private sector fundraising at the UNHCR. By Tim Smedley

Only those with a passion for the job need apply

Sharmila Devi looks at the characteristics and skills required of those thinking of switching sectors

Work placements: Time spent travelling is far from wasted

Programmes are available to students and young people seeking experience of working abroad, writes Maxine Boersma

Leaders face a set of complex challenges

Sarah Murray says running a business looks straightforward when compared with the forces affecting the public arena

Online recruiting: Social media solve – and create – problems

Sarah Murray reports on how free websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube can be costly

Print: Top professionals still lured by paper

Adam Jezard finds that advertising in quality newspapers remains an important part of the mix

Spouses: From career sacrifices – to no time for tennis lessons

Janina Conboye finds that the experiences of husbands and wives of executives posted overseas can vary enormously

China: Country’s central role attracts wave of bodies

Dina Medland reports on the growing importance of working in an economy with a key role to play on many global issues