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Five years after the global financial crisis, pay and bonuses for bankers - and the regulations to control them - remain hot issues and fuel demand for talent

Working in International Banking: Top executives defect as image problems and regulations bite

Higher pay and lower levels of scrutiny are luring some leaders away, but students are still applying to investment banks in their droves

Mark O’Reilly

Demand for speakers of native languages fuels pick-up in hiring

A dearth of skills may hold some markets back

The age of the compliance officer arrives

A barrage of new rules has put a premium on specialist knowledge and experience

Demonstrators and police clash as they try to storm offices of RBS during a protest against bankers' bonuses in London
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Regulations and lower returns put pressure on pay and bonuses

The edge over other professionals has narrowed

Maeve Richard

Private equity and hedge funds tempt business school graduates

Banks are trying to improve their image among recruits

Barclays instant cheque processing app which will speed up the time it takes cheques to clear and allow people to submit cheques by submitting scans from their smartphones
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IT staff move to centre stage as customers take to their tablets

Changing habits are boosting demand for digital leaders