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Smart organisations are recognising that a diversity strategy can improve recruitment and performance

The evidence is growing – there really is a business case for diversity

board meeting at the former Fisons pharmaceuticals and fertiliser company, 1960
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Early research failed to prove causation but the latest data are hard to ignore

Nameplate on Clifford Chance building at 200 Aldersgate st.
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Legal laggards begin to master diversity briefs

Elite cadre of law firms doubles promotion of women but still has a long way to go

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Gender quotas feel coercive but appear to work

The UK’s voluntary approach is seen as too soft on the continent

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Racist comments are rife and recruitment problems persist

Minorities still find some sectors closed to them

Disabled staff face varying attitudes from managers

Difficult situations are not always dealt with properly

Bias still plays unconscious role in recruiting decisions

Today’s battle is against subtle prejudice

Olympic gold came thanks to a diverse workforce

Tools matter more than lectures