Private client wealth management

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Money Guide: Wealth managers on the investment environment post-RDR

The great capitulation

Investors are switching out of cash into riskier assets

Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ (1895)
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Demand for alternative assets grows

Fine wine and gold used for portfolio diversification


Bonds cornerstone of wealth preservation

Few truly viable alternatives for wealth preservation

An iPod Touch showing FTSE 100 stock market graph

Managers have fewer clients, but more assets

RDR leads to a concentration of assets with main providers

RDR – more of a whimper

Predictions of doom have proved largely unfounded as regulatory shake-up takes effect

Inflation and eurozone top list of worries

There is plenty to keep wealth managers awake at night

Wealth Management Awards 2013

Wealth managers with winning ways

Results from FT/IC Wealth Management Awards

Two schools of thought on advice charges

Set fees more popular than an hourly rate

Passives becoming active choice for many

More wealth managers are using ETFs in particular

Knowledge gaps on both sides of the table

Wealth managers, and their clients, need more education

‘Risk assets needed to preserve wealth’

Equity holdings high in climate of financial repression

Liquidity remains a priority for investors

Private clients want flexible portfolios

Weighing real returns against risks

Wealth managers protect portfolios from inflation

Lehman legacy haunts asset managers

Wealth managers struggle to sell diversification

Many advisers not ready for RDR regime

Transparency over fees will come at a price