Buying a holiday home abroad is a bad idea

Examine the small print on that rental guarantee and you’ll find it’s far from a sound investment

A small snapshot of a monthly pay slip, with an out of focus red pen. Highlighting tax, pension and national insurance contributions.

Use your pension to minimise IHT bills

The wealthy should shelter their estates from death duties

Too many unacceptable faces of capitalism

Everyone’s on the take one way or another — highly paid chief executives for a start

empty beach chairs look out over the crystal blue/green waters of Bermuda in the Carribbean

Send company pension schemes on holiday

Fixing scheme deficits now could compromise economic growth

Positives amid the Brexit negativity

An investment safe haven may be closer to home than you think

Europe makes UK look like a safe haven

We’re a safe, stable and highly active democracy. That — along with gold — should help us cope

Cash is king, but I’m sticking with shares

Paul Lewis’s research that savings accounts can outperform stocks should worry fund managers


Fund managers need to embrace diversity

Diversity creates more ‘conflict of opinion’ and that makes getting the ‘right answer’ more likely

Demand is the property market’s problem

Young people can’t afford to buy, but they’re not crippled by rents either

What’s so complicated about pensions?

It’s manipulated markets that are complex — and the Bank of England has played a big role in that

Funds — you don’t get what you pay for

The industry is trying to find new justifications for its existence

‘100%’ home loan is a sign the market has peaked

Intergenerational product shows us something is very wrong with asset prices

Stockpicking — you may as well forget it

Everyone is buying Facebook — and that makes me nervous

There’s too much fun in fund management

Why would we think it is all right for our fees to be spent at Sunningdale or Secrets?

Tax the living — and end the IHT madness

Replace controversial levy with something less emotive and better

Wait until about 2019 to purchase property

It’s worth holding on until everyone with unmanageable levels of buy-to-let debt has sold up

Aren’t you glad Scotland voted No?

If you want to keep your finances intact, don’t move north of the border

Has Osborne had El-Erian round for tea?

The chancellor’s capital gains tax reform comes from the economist’s playbook

Is Iran a great opportunity?

Post sanctions, this is a country with much going for it

Why UK investors should back Brexit

The eurozone is heading for an existential crisis


Merryn Somerset Webb Merryn Somerset Webb is the editor in chief of MoneyWeek.

After gaining a first class degree in history & economics at Cambridge, Merryn became a Daiwa scholar and spent a year studying Japanese at London University. In 1992, she moved to Japan to continue her Japanese studies and to produce business programmes for NHK, Japan’s public TV station.

In 1993, she became an institutional broker for SBC Warburg, where she stayed for 5 years. Returning to the UK in 1998, Merryn became a financial writer for The Week. Two years later, in 2000, MoneyWeek was launched and Merryn took the job of editor.


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