Fund managers back equities for 2012


What the experts are forecasting for next year

Investors pour money into cash funds

Investors seek safe haven from stock market volatility

Expect Nasdaq’s erratic rally to end in tears

The Nasdaq 100 is at its highest relative level since the technology bubble

Updates: Gold and cocoa

If gold retreats to $1,580, the price chart suggests a major buying opportunity


A rally in the corn price has failed at its previous high – suggesting a drop is to come

FTSE 100 companies prove their durability

If the UK stock market is in for more of a hiding, the FTSE 100 is likely to outperform the FTSE 250

Silver can offer more bang for your buck

Metal offers protection from sledgehammer approach to quantitative easing

Clever copper on the rise

Copper is well poised to make new all-time highs

Retail sector to remain weak

Risk of further bad news from the high street

Investors turn to US dollars

Currency seen as safe haven from eurozone debt crisis

German Bund looking more appealing

Investors seek better-quality government bonds

Trader: Euro

Hidden flaws of the euro

Trader: Euro

To a believer in sound money – gold – the idea that a paper currency can ever be high-quality is fatuous

Trader: Nasdaq

There’s an increasingly good chance that many leading stock market indices will regain the highs they reached in 2000

Trader: Platinum

Considering that it is the most precious of all the metals, platinum certainly turns up in some insalubrious places

Trader: Dax

Much is made of the contrast between Anglo-Saxon and German ideas about economic matters

Trader: Silver

I suggested on October 23 – when silver was trading at around $23.50 – that $31.75 was one obvious place for its next sell-off to begin

Sharewatch: BG Group

Shares in BG Group, the oil and gas explorer, hit a 30-month high earlier this week

Sharewatch: Mears strengthens on the road to recovery

Shares in Mears, a smaller rival, came under pressure, losing 16 per cent of their value within a week

Promethean shapes up, but for how long?

Shares in the educational IT provider rose 4.2 per cent