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Columnist David Schwartz dies aged 73

David Schwartz

Trader’s Diary drew on his knowledge of decades of market history

Dominic Picarda
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Does cheapness predict subsequent outperformance?

Europe looks cheap, but the US is pricey, says Dominic Picarda

Is the Fed really in charge?

Monetary policy seems predicated on how markets will react, says David Schwartz

Get set for a sideways summer

UK market might struggle to find direction

Gold may have further to fall

The yellow metal tends to return to long-term support levels after a bull run

Ignore lessons of history at your peril

High odds that the weak patch has further to run

We’re already in a bear market

Index falls offer vital clues

Microgen catches the eye

I’m reducing market exposure generally, but this small software company is an exception

Reading the Fed’s smoke signals

Ben Bernanke is softening investors up for the end of quantitative easing

Markets at a crossroads

A lot of good news is already in share prices – but potential bad news may not be

What earnings forecasts tell us

High PE ratios suggest future returns on US shares are likely to be modest

Perils of a high-yield strategy

Mainstream investment advice is often wide of the mark

Trader’s Diary: Another profitless summer?

Key issue is the presence of a bear market, says David Schwartz

Trader’s Diary: Looking for clues to FTSE’s direction

The news is grim, but much of it may be in the price

Trader’s Diary: Gold could fall further

Long-term support lies well beneath current levels

Trader’s Diary: Prepare for the dip

Several indicators hint that shares are vulnerable

When the Big Boys signal euphoria

Relying on inherently subjective stock market signals is risky

Cyprus not easy to dismiss in the long term

Stock markets have so far shrugged off the crisis

How the whale hid from view

It seems little has changed in banking

The rally that keeps on giving

Plenty of warning signs, but no correction yet

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