Unanswered questions over China

Evidence of a sharp slowdown is obvious

Options for an uncertain world

There may be more QE bubble magic ahead

The cost of being disliked

Banks, tobacco companies and mansion owners beware

How do you invest for good?

Nobody seems to know where to draw the lines

Invest to avoid political risk

If you’re worried about the referendum, invest with a manager who isn’t

Do we need central banks?

They intervene so much, they can never stop

Scottish ‘Yes’ could be costly

Statistics shows how similar not how different the Scots are to the rest of the UK

Tips for a happier holiday

Readers’ suggestions on car hire and much else

The case of the €360 tyre

Companies that compete on price rarely tell you the full story

Illusion of ‘low risk’ bonds

Low interest rates mean holding gilts is riskier than you think

Merciless lessons of Ming era

The 17th century art market looks a bit like today’s property market

Compounding: dull, but crucial

Keep your returns as close to the line as possible

A bull market for complacency

There’s no shortage of things that could go wrong

Equity release and the downsizing deniers

Want to raise cash from your home? Sell it

China is cheap but finely balanced

Valuations are low but risks high

Overcharging by any name

Disruption in other areas hasn’t spread to wealth managers

Scotland’s fiscal independence

‘Devo max’ is coming whichever way the vote goes

Messy portfolios and ‘be busy’ syndrome

Too many fund managers have too many stocks

Russia’s cheap – though unsettling

Stocks have fallen but are now very inexpensive

The black economy and the internet age

Much ‘collaborative consumption’ is not taxed


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After gaining a first class degree in history & economics at Cambridge, Merryn became a Daiwa scholar and spent a year studying Japanese at London University. In 1992, she moved to Japan to continue her Japanese studies and to produce business programmes for NHK, Japan’s public TV station.

In 1993, she became an institutional broker for SBC Warburg, where she stayed for 5 years. Returning to the UK in 1998, Merryn became a financial writer for The Week. Two years later, in 2000, MoneyWeek was launched and Merryn took the job of editor.

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