Why I’m hanging on to resources stocks

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Volatility represents a massive long-term buying opportunity

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Investment ‘brain food’ — an online menu

New sources of data, from niche to mainstream

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A niche sector from the ground up

A riskier replacement for index-linked gilts

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Concern over ‘mainstream’ mini-bonds

Rates are puny — and will you get your money back?

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China’s woes are overplayed — it’s an opportunity

Beijing will not allow growth to flag, boosting the rest of Asia

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Frontier markets can reward the specialist

Lack of liquidity need not be a barrier to good returns

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Three ideas for juicier yields

Many infrastructure funds are starting to look pricey

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Infrastructure route to returns

Europe needs a vast infusion of capital into new roads, schools, airports, energy and housing

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Passive bond solutions

Over-concentration is a big problem in bond indices, but some new ETFs have addressed it

Witan actually delivers

Most of its rivals simply stack up fees. This one is different

Help online for DIY investors

Websites to make stockpicking easier for private investors

Oil at issue for retail bonds

Are EnQuest bonds, trading at half their face value, a buy for contrarian investors?

Second time lucky in biotech

Using funds rather than picking stocks has improved my returns

A crowded market, but promising

Crowdfunding remains almost exclusively UK-based

Traded life policies are alive

It is still possible to invest in ‘death futures’, which are usefully uncorrelated to equity returns

Banking on African growth

Bob Diamond’s new venture is worth backing

Gang of six are good bet for uncertain times

Investment trusts with a capital preservation bent

Tech opportunities for the uninitiated

You can find good assets relatively cheaply by looking in the labs at the world’s top universities

Big ideas, unheralded sources

Dimensional and EDHEC may not be household names but they have clever ideas

Two ways to hedge equity risk

Cash is one way to do it – leveraged ETFs another

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