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An increase in opportunities has galvanised the energy world

The story of plenty is yet to be realised

An increase in opportunities has galvanised the energy world, writes Guy Chazan

US example: Gas replaces coal as the favoured fuel

Sylvia Pfeifer finds that North America’s success is down to a unique set of circumstances

worker tightening up bolts

Exploration costs: Supply chain and price pressures haunt majors

Big western companies are squeezed on all sides, says Guy Chazan

Oil services companies: Closer working helps to plug the skills gap

Michael Kavanagh finds a sector of the industry is booming

Natural gas: Clouds fog hopes of global export boost

Some market watchers are dismissive of estimates of a supply surge, says Guy Chazan

an Anadarko vessel hunts for gas

East Africa: ‘Embarrassment of riches’ hard to exploit

Finds off Mozambique and Tanzania have caused excitement, but the remote region presents big challenges, says Guy Chazan

NOCs: Need for energy is driving force behind global thirst for assets

National players have shaken off their dull image to go on an acquisition spree, writes Sylvia Pfeifer

Iraq: Baghdad eases Kurdistan grip

The federal government’s relations with the region are easing, says Michael Kavanagh

Barents Sea: Industry battles to fulfil Arctic potential

Despite some setbacks there is great optimism for the future, writes Sylvia Pfeifer

North Sea: Calls for lower rates of tax to aid productivity

Michael Kavanagh finds some relief for infrastructure plans