‘Largesse’ assets may be on borrowed time

Withdrawal of central bank support will be big theme

Doves may be disappointed by Fed’s Yellen

US industrial capacity utilisation rise above 80% points to inflation uptick

Vix index suggests year-end anxiety

‘Fear gauge’ indicates more nerves over immediate market wobbles than about the coming months

Eurozone spreads widen on ‘Grexit’ fears

If Draghi disappoints on QE further widening is likely

Fed hawks watch US household spending

This week’s central bank meetings are a preamble to next week’s Fed decision

Investors look to hurdles for next year

Oil price spike and ECB disappointment among risks for 2015

Don’t be Shanghaied by relative strength

The 14-day RSI is becoming a useful tool in market pricing

More warning lights flash for equity peak

Non-farm payrolls are unlikely to spook stocks

Be careful to hedge ‘equity over bonds’

Morgan Stanley bullish but growth could be a risk

Risk to hawkish side on US jobs

Strong payrolls could increase divergence with Europe

Aussie dollar and yen take centre stage

Central banks to influence fate of Asian currencies

EM winners and losers in oil lottery

Countries with large current account deficits will be better off

‘Japanification’ can curb long US yields

If yield curve looks like it may invert, stocks will not be happy

Beware of S&P 500 warning lights

Historic low on the CBOE Vix catches contrarians’ eyes

Black Friday’s boost from the black stuff

Tumbling oil prices will buoy S&P 500 retailers

Yen may not benefit from next wobble

Haven allure of Japanese currency could be fading

Traders getting wary over Swiss franc

Pick-up in volatility elsewhere even as Vix slumbers

Core inflation will be key sentiment test

Fed is due to release the minutes of its October meeting

Dollar dips on waning price growth

Better news for gold bugs as bullion hits two-week highs

CBOE launches Treasury version of Vix

Warnings that fixed income market is due period of volatility

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