Markets look to early US jobs report

Non-farm payrolls could prompt S&P 500 to test lows

Short-term volatility tracks higher

US non-farm payrolls and Greek referendum keep vol in focus

Sectors at threat from US rate rise

Dividend payers: utilities, healthcare and consumer staples at risk

Earnings may be catalyst for US rally

S&P 500 is overdue a breakout provided there is no ‘rate tantrum’

Equities can weather higher US rates

Price of equity is currently low compared with that of debt

Old stock share certificates from 1950s-1970s

Bunds are the global bond trendsetters

Bond correlations set to remain strong, despite Q1 weakness

Reasons to remain positive on US equities

RBC Capital Markets gets technical on supportive signs for shares

Yen depreciation no longer a one-way bet

Recent policy comments suggest further weakness unwelcome

US raw sugar turns from sweet to sour

Supply set to exceed demand for fifth straight season

Greece debt crisis

Greek exit angst puts Fed policy in focus

Traders consider likelihood of rate rise while turmoil persists

European stock recovery to continue

SocGen forecasts Athens deal and a strong equity performance

Emerging markets show US rate resilience

Recent rise in US bond yields has not delivered the same degree of fretting as ‘taper tantrum’ did

Dollar setback good news for silver bulls

Speculative positioning is net long more than twice the 5-year average

US economic momentum leaves bonds vulnerable

If retail sales show strong consumer confidence, Fed could act sooner

UK equity investors remain confident

Three-quarters of those polled expect returns from stocks in 2015

Treasuries seek lead from US payrolls

US borrowing costs currently dancing to tune played in Europe

Footsie waits for a forex boost

Sterling may depreciate against the dollar but is unlikely to against the euro

Euro vulnerable if Draghi stays QE course

Sell the single currency versus sterling, advises RBC

Jawboning and rate cuts to weaken Kiwi

RBNZ ‘candid in its view’ that New Zealand dollar is overvalued

Worries over FX wobbles may linger

Volatility levels pick up from last year’s near-record lows

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