Bond market indicates deflationary fears

Benchmark yields are not playing to forecasts of rising rates

Watch sterling and Aussie this Easter

Moves in currency plays may be exacerbated by holiday trading

Vix may be losing its ‘fear gauge’ tag

Index reacted only mildly to market mini-wobble

Gauging the wider impact of S&P sell-off

If correlations hold, rand may be vulnerable

Japan investors losing faith in Abenomics

Recent losses are more due to policy doubts than tech wobbles

Mint ratio points to risk appetite worries

Silver price has weakened relative to gold

Technical analysts spot trouble for Brent

Speculative positioning, however, appears positive for oil

Stronger payrolls will please yen bears

A bumper US jobs number will probably boost investor morale

Dovish, but no QE or negative rates

ECB consensus leaves FX vulnerable to shock

Downward pressure exerted on gold

Bullion loses haven premium as Ukraine fears subside

Corporate USA can save stock rally

Globalisation has led to lower labour costs

Nickel trade poised for longs and shorts battle

Forex markets get wise to big talk

Australian dollar and euro rise despite verbal efforts to weaken

Rand gains from calmer EM waters

Currencies less sensitive to shift in US rate expectations

Bearish signals remain distant for risk

Bond yields are rising, but other signs have not yet materialised

EM assets hit by chance of Fed tightening

Indonesian rupiah rally halted, but current account improves

Gold performs the Cossack sabre dance

Bullion prices have jumped on recent troubles in Ukraine

Risk profile edges away from Fed policy

Survey shows China growth and geopolitics are greater concerns

Tide is turning in favour of commodities

Total commodity assets under management rise by $13bn in February

Discerning different kinds of risk-off