Fangs and Nifty Nine power US equities

A handful of large stocks dominates the bull market

How to read signals from emerging markets

Indicators suggest bottom could be near but watch out for a crisis first

Delft University researchers created a quantum link between electrons at opposite ends of the campus
©Delft University of Technology

How disruptive technology destroys pensions

It displaces jobs, widens inequality and enables the services sector

Follow the cash to see the truth

Companies are getting less cash and are not optimistic they can invest it productively

US stocks are bet on central bank support

Fed may raise rates this year but others likely to ease further

Shareholder capitalism model under fire

Big investors are leaning increasingly towards a long-termist and more inclusive outlook

What if rates never rise?

This is the question investors are asking, along with Fed governors

Peru rebirth illustrates the China effect

End of commodity supercycle poses biggest risk to growth

Investors must start to question beliefs

Markets signal concern as number of assumptions called into question

Carbon footprints loom large for investors

Volkswagen emission scandal brings home importance of issue

Look to China for Fed rate moves

The world’s two largest economies are locked in a symbiotic embrace

How assets will react to a rate rise

Credit markets may pose highest risk, with investors ill-prepared

Jobs figures do little to ease Fed angst

Chance of September rise is still roughly a 1 in 3 shot, according to futures market

Routs — best of times and worst of times

Investors who hold their nerve and play the long game win out

Why investors need to know about indices

The growing power of market gauges makes understanding them important

Renminbi shift challenges global markets

China’s economic woes, rather than PBoC, could drive devaluation

Nagging doubts keep rate-setters on edge

Dollar and commodities clearest factors in way of September Fed move

Markets priced for imperfection

Easing of secular stagnation would threaten popular trades

Market heroes should avoid the crowds

This week’s flash rally report contains key lessons for investors

Europe is the falling knife you can catch

Stocks now look cheap in Europe but China appears too risky

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