Markets resume ‘tortured dance’ with Fed

Dollar to set the tone as traders retune rate expectations

Crude soothsayers should recall Peak Oil

Oil market’s ‘grand narratives’ can be read as cautionary tales for investors

Composite picture of Janet Yellen and Donald Trump

Lack of conviction reflects negative mood

Swift recovery for risk markets since February shows sign of reversal

Stock market’s sweetspot threatened

The prospect of lower returns on equities creates real dangers for retirement plans

The four puzzling questions for markets

Low bond yields help to keep expensive stocks attractive for now

Argentina Flag on blue sky background.

The drama’s not over for Argentina

Without success on inflation government will find it much harder to make deeper structural reforms

Constraint of yen looms large for markets

Chance that Japan will weaken the currency again looks strong

Oil and US earnings matter for investors

Lack of confidence shows itself in collapsing profits forecasts

Smart beta not quite as clever as billed

Cheap stocks that outperform attract buyers and then the moment is gone

Calm after the first-quarter storms

Volatility abates and US stocks go back to being overpriced

Investors focus on central banks’ limits

QE ‘wealth effect’ has never had much consequence, give or take tantalising signs of growth in US

Emerging markets look less barren

The case for long-term investors is starting to strengthen

Momentum matters as profit estimates drop

Earnings estimates go from bad to worse

Murderous markets have many suspects

Twelve guilty parties had a hand in the current market turmoil

Why nobody is happy with the US economy

Wall Street is in line with Main Street over the outlook for growth

Central banks tested on easy money

Global investors await US Fed stepping back from a hawkish stance

Oil contagion extends its reach

How Japan helps explain this week’s volatility puzzle

What goes down eventually comes up

Markets have hit the abyss before, but how long will it take to climb out?

Dogs that didn’t bark spark markets worry

Remarkable that strong US jobs report met with such weak response

Alternative assets loom as best bet

Gentle shift towards cheap stocks in emerging markets has better chance of working in 2016

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