Growth stalls as oil dividend remains unspent

Markets puzzled by weak consumer spending given crude price drop

Have bonds reached a tipping point?

Only if market liquidity proves poorer than many fear or the Fed forces the issue

Diversity drives Indian Ocean region

Next decade will see rise of India and east Africa as mature economies stagnate

China stocks are high but can go higher

History shows markets can rally a long time, particularly once foreign money enters

Records leave markets stuck in time warp

Highs reinforce the lesson that valuation is a poor guide to short-term moves

Equity investors reject UK election risk

Political stakes are high: so too is faith in UK stocks

Momentum to stall as profits talked down

Earnings forecasts have taken a stunning dive

Four financial questions for foamy markets

John Authers on negative yields, US and Chinese stocks and EM reserves

The dollar almighty will create risks

US currency can boost global economy but there are caveats

Landmarks on a journey to uncertainty

Nasdaq record and US jobs data leave hard questions unanswered

Lack of revenue growth is alarming

The balance must shift from cutting costs to boosting revenues

US economy vulnerable to China syndrome

Litany of economic indicators flashing reasons for concern is growing longer

Draghi’s pledge gives credible hope

Expect the global hunt for yield to continue until rates rise

Winning bets were obvious with Hindsight

Oil price fall and resilience of US economy were trends to spot

The dodo and investor survival

Any theory of markets must take account of human aversion to risk

Why investors’ view on oil has just pivoted

Market is fretting about slowing Chinese manufacturers, rather than cheer on reviving US consumers

Lower oil price could stoke US stock bubble

Opec’s position on output could have profound consequences

Breaking the white male grip on markets

If a market is dominated by any ethnicity, it tends to make worse decisions

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