House market’s Brexit fears lack foundations

Housebuilders remain in good health but deficit of homes remains

The unusual appeal of ‘unsafe havens’

Rush into overpriced government bonds knocks risk-reward balance

The sustainability of Shell’s dividend

Oil major accounts for over a tenth of total dividends paid by UK companies and a cut would shock

Asda the wild card in UK price war

Cuts from Walmart-owned chain could see industry profits halve

Short sellers eye London property stocks

There is trouble ahead for high-end property developers

A taxpayer safety net that assists Metro

Challenger banks would otherwise find it tougher with depositors

Tesco lays down challenge to Lloyds

Supermarket current account could hurt big banks

Nationwide’s Pibs squeeze makes sense

Buying in debt to cancel not an obvious way to boost capital

Bankers win in Severn Trent attack

Advisers scooped most of £19m cost of bid defence

A Heathrow extension saving residents and taxpayers pain

Runway idea is a solution measured in billions, not tens of billions

Chancellor will have eye on election with RBS

Tyrie’s inquiry comes up with awkward answers

ITV presents a pretty picture

Analyst sees big payout prospects for shareholders

Patience paid off for Diageo shareholders

Long termism worked for Manchester United fans too

Time for calm as Treasuries age nears end

After a bull run, self-control is the best investment

Rising market key to boosting new issues

If shares continue to rise expect more flotations this year

Aluminium was bad for Rio Tinto’s health

Chronic overcapacity and suspicion of banks’ price manipulation

Supermarket big boys reach use-by date

When share buybacks can make sense

Next succeeds where GSK stumbles

Bogof – the easy way to fairer pensions

The rules need to be much simpler

Only trying to be Co-operative

Putting non-bankers in charge of banks has not made for happy outcomes in the past


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