Bats to the future for the LSE

London Stock Exchange faces new competitors

Big is not beautiful in UK bank ratings

Quality measures show advantages of being a smaller and simpler group

Cobham acquires Aeroflex : Aeroflex, the US aerospace components manufacturer, supplies parts for 702MP satellites. Boeing has been selected to build four 702MP satellites for Intelsat Ltd. The contract marks the first order for the Boeing 702MP satellite, pictured here, which continues the technical and flight heritage of the Boeing 702HP family and enables Boeing to expand its product offerings to include flexible, modular satellites that operate in the 6- to 12-kilowatt power range. These satellites will distribute video, network and voice services from Asia and Africa to the Americas and Europe. Image credit: Boeing image Neg. #: SEF09-02794

Cobham shareholders stung by banker’s fee

Debt spurs rescue rights issue at defence group

M&S’s buyback smacks of poor judgment

Burberry has joined retailer in similar move as trading stays tough

Competition kerfuffle behind BAA break-up

From retail banking to airports, it has been an eventful week for Alex Chisholm

Thames Water’s pension hole echoes BHS

Deficit has grown from £38m to £249m in a decade

Deeper reasons behind BHS pension woes

Reliance on low-yielding bonds eats into the industry

There’s life in big oil yet

No end in sight to the sector’s role powering the world economy

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Time to admit painful truth on RBS stake

Taxpayers’ hopes for a profit on RBS bailout look forlorn

Bitcoin money transfer hits the high street

Read the small print from techno-utopians

Takeover Panel faces referee’s dilemma

Regulator is criticised for being too tough and too soft

EU rules set to hurt City and asset managers

Chasing ever purer markets, regulators risk gumming the machine

Brussels, not Ofcom, will rule on O2 deal

A purely British affair will not be settled by London regulators

BHS tests Pension Protection Fund

Osborne’s economy drive should cut the number of Budgets

King’s financial pawnshop for all seasons

BoE pawnshop might classify assets like a CDO Squared as financial porn

A rabbit caught in Deutsche’s headlights

The few genuine mergers have been a recipe for acrimony

The clash of the banking titans

John Vickers and Andrew Bailey argue, while a minnow makes sense

Let’s see more tough love telephony

Keep pressure on BT to improve services rather than split it up

Dividend doubts dog BHP Billiton

Progressive payout policy looks all the more unsustainable

Amazon and the Scottish fund tech heroes

Mortgage Investment Trust portfolio reflects faith in technology