Where are the Shell-BG merger arbs?

Ben van Beurden of Royal Dutch Shell said the deal for BG Group was 'an incredibly exciting moment' for the Anglo-Dutch major

Regulatory hurdles abound but some believe a huge ‘cash wall’ is coming

Unproductive: caring too much does not make our employer any richer

Reliable research keeps markets liquid

Analyst insight gives value well beyond a buy or sell rating

Much to discuss at national debt review

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Shell is dull — and that pays dividends

Strike while the market is having an anxiety attack over Big Oil

FCA must not delay publishing HBOS report

Shareholders want to know if Lloyds knew it was buying a ‘lemon’

UK inflation chart

Care needed in defeating deflation

Battle against falling prices must not become too successful

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Why bank non-execs need danger money

They could be threatened with bankruptcy or jail

Simple projects deliver the best results

Infrastructure cash is better spent on improved efficiency

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Hefty rewards not suitable in an environment of mounting losses

Sky’s the limit for footy couch potatoes

Customers appear to be prepared to pay ever more for their habit

Regulators tiptoe around telecoms mergers

Authorities are strangely acquiescent over collapsing competition

BG does not erase Shell dividend fears

Mooted asset sales and cost cuts cannot sustain payout growth

Long game for Tesco in race to bottom

Chief executive Dave Lewis must decide strategy amid full out price war

A little humility needed at Alliance Trust

Major shareholder Elliott Advisors promises a scrap at AGM

Get smart on government projects

There are better ways to invest £11bn than on meters

Long-dated bonds: a fool’s paradise

War Loan highlights the long-term perils of believing in paper money

RSA weighed down by past pension promises

Insurer’s liabilities of £7.6bn compare with a market cap of £4.2bn

Shares’ long-term lustre outshines gilts

Dividends make the difference, up almost every year since 1945

More reasons not to buy bank shares

When even the government is trying to sell bank stocks, steer clear

Henderson given lesson in local politics

Winchester project halted after High Court ruling against council

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