Women at the Top

Women at the Top is a celebration of outstanding female leadership and gender diversity in the boardroom

To boldly go where few have gone before

Women do not lack ambition, but they need to be more assertive in marketing their skills when they have boardroom aspirations

Interactive feature

Women at the Top 2011
Searchable results and financial data of the top 50 women

Plotting an executive route

An increasing number of companies are appointing chief operating officers. Liz Bolshaw speaks to two women who have taken on this influential role

Q&A: Dr Mamphela Ramphele

The former World Bank managing director says she is still an activist for democracy

The struggle continues for more boardroom diversity

The rise in the proportion of female directors globally is glacial, with only legislation seeming to force the pace of change, writes Liz Bolshaw

Pressure builds to smash the glass ceiling

A year on from Lord Davies’ report, the move towards greater gender in the boardroom is happening far too slowly, writes Sharon Glancy

Breaking the City mould

Liz Bolshaw quizzes India Gary-Martin, managing director, technology and operations, at JPMorgan’s investment bank in London

Routes to the top table

Business guru Candida Brush on how to succeed as a female entrepreneur

Davies report update: one year on

Liz Bolshaw looks at how companies have moved to increase the representation of women on boards, 12 months on from Lord Davies’ review

Female politicians point the way towards equality

Rebecca Knight on how quotas in government are helping to boost gender diversity around the world

View from Davos

Miki Tsusaka on how women can help the global economy achieve its great transformation

Japan: culture change required

Social norms and a lack of childcare hinder government bids to make the most of the country’s well-educated female workforce, writes Lindsay Whipp

Entrepreneurial sisters are doing it for themselves

Rebecca Knight finds that many female-owned small businesses offer a good work/life balance

Facing the questions

Jill Abramson is the executive editor of the New York Times, the first woman in this role in the paper’s 160-year history

Risk rewarded

Why taking risks has helped women power their way into boardrooms around the world, writes Andrew Hill

The top 50 women in world business 2011

Read the full profiles, view photographs and comment on our ranking

Video: US committed to advancing women’s rights

Q&A: Laurence Parisot, president of Medef

Laurence Parisot holds a master’s degree in public law and was awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite in 2003

Video: Asia is key to success in luxury goods

Afterword: still a way to go

Could it be that the dearth of women at the senior level is down to a time lag, or is it deliberate choice?

Q&A: Dina de Angelo, director at Pictet

Dina de Angelo grew up in Connecticut, Greenwich, and has spent her whole career in private banking, working with large, complex, family offices

Exit strategies: hoping for a better fit

A senior woman’s departure can create as much of a buzz as her arrival

Seeking equality

Enter the awards here

Setting standards will encourage greater diversity

Two new initiatives seek to establish common ways to measure progress,

‘You can do what you set your mind to’

Lori Cohen, a successful female trial attorney explains her career

Véronique Morali champions women in business

The French businesswoman campaigns for more female representation

Queen bees – an evolving species or an office myth?

Do women who undermine their female colleagues really exist?

Interview: Television ‘dragon’ Deborah Meaden reveals the secrets of her success

An independent nature and a lack of fear served her well


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