Social media: friend or foe?

Millennial vs Boomer: debating the value of LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles in the top-level recruitment space

Stern on Boards

FT Staff. Stefan Stern byline.
If you decide to go part time, do you run the risk of not making it to the top?
CFA exam candidates in queue ©CFA
More young candidates are choosing certification over an expensive university
Gus O’Donnell
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Lord O’Donnell, economist

The FT finds out how the former head of the civil service became G.O.D. of No 10

Career Counsel: Learn from Jennifer Lawrence — keep cloud-based data safe

The mistake Hollywood stars made was to forget that data, be it emails or photos, are not static

silhouette of teenager

In a Blink: digi-teens (12-17 year-olds)

The next generation switches on and appreciates the digital difference to their lives

Everyone knows nothing has changed

If you decide to go part time, do you run the risk of not making it to the top?


Poetic justice for the office mentor

This week’s top choice uses metaphors to great effect

Certified accountants forgo degrees

Growing numbers are joining the profession via non-traditional routes

New accountants seek a happy balance

Learning what young accountants want from a career is crucial

Time to move death out of the shadows

Organisations need to take a fresh look at their bereavement policies

Jill Ker Conway, Academic and business leader

Jill Ker Conway, academic and business leader

The feminist has left her mark on some of America’s biggest companies’ boards

Davos is a good spot to find your next job, CEO or not

The forum allows you to build relationships with career-influencing people, more quickly than any other event

Career Counsel: Polish your image and innovate to get to the board

Demonstrating you are a solid choice is crucial to achieving your goal

In a Blink: the UK graduate recruitment market

2015 looks to be the best in a decade for job-seeking graduates

Send us your haiku and senryu

This week’s topic: trainees and interns

Expect the worst, hope you are wrong

Resilience rates as a fashionable idea in business, now is the time for boards to adopt it

January is best to launch new job quest

Good reasons underpin the new year’s surge in employment applications

Jo Fairley of Green & Black’s makes scents

Chocolate entrepreneur on perfume and ‘having a go’

Cultivate your ‘third dimension’

It is time to gain new skills beyond your day job

Career Counsel: how to keep staff fit

It takes more than gym membership offers to keep employees healthy

Wanted: world-savvy board directors

Boards need foreigners and internationalists as companies strive to be both global and local