Internet crooks pose as savvy headhunters


Job seekers using the web must treat their identity as valuable personal property


Should you start saving for Davos 2017?
Stefan Stern
The best chief executives are more concerned about their contribution than their reward
– Stefan Stern
Cath Goulding, Nominet, head of information security

Cath Goulding, Nominet, head of information security

Former UK spy raises spectre of internet fraud on ‘industrial scale’

Justine Roberts

Music in the office? Don’t play it by ear

If I want to be around people wearing headphones, I can go home and hang out with my teenagers

Mrs Moneypenny

Give your gardener feedback and your nanny a bonus

Put as much effort into being a good employer at home as at work

Career Counsel: Catering to disabled clients

Improve customer services for a group that has £212bn spending power

Lose the CEO who wants too much pay

The best chief executives are more concerned about their contribution than their reward

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Millennial v Boomer: Young staff like to share, up to a point

One says employees want to be untethered while the other believes they dream of buying a home

The FT’s Women in Business contest

Win a seat on a Henley Business School Executive MBA course. Write an opinion piece and create a short video

Emma Marcegaglia

Emma Marcegaglia, BusinessEurope president

One of Italy’s leading businesswomen urges UK to stay

Azeem Azhar

Work deserves a :-), but avoid overdoing it

Use emojis in workplace messages, just avoid sending : ) to your boss

In a Blink: apprenticeship opportunities in the UK

IT and software developers dominate those offering UK apprenticeships

The FT’s favourite work haiku

As we end the competition after 18 months, we present the best of the winners

Rosie Boycott, London Food, chair

Junk the junk food says journalist turned campaigner

Treat staff like adults and scrap their review

Grading individuals against objectives set 12 months previously feels ridiculously old-school

Mrs Moneypenny’s Question Time — resist skipping post-flight shower

Everything from what you wear to your posture plays a role in how impressions are formed

Career Counsel: A quick win will buy a new chief time to hatch a proper plan

You need to demonstrate quickly that you can provide the return on that investment

Hire unlucky leaders, they’re good value

An inadequate understanding of what luck is and how it operates could do serious harm to many businesses

Apple confronts sleep deficit

Is the iPhone’s latest feature a dream answer to work-related insomnia?

Coding is not enough, we need smarter skills

What kids and their parents need to learn is computational thinking

Darren Walker, president, Ford Foundation

The man at the helm of the charity that once gave him a chance