Art in the open

'A Bira', Marepe, 1999
©Daniela Paoliello

Set over 3,000 acres of forest and farmland in Minas Gerais, Inhotim is an art museum like no other

‘Status Update’ by Alice E Marwick

When it comes to the modern tech scene in Silicon Valley, the rhetoric seldom matches the reality

Momentum Ski Festival

Postcard from . . . Crans-Montana: City break heads downhill

The Momentum ski festival aims to recreate the atmosphere of a world cup race for City of London snowsports fans

Mishal Husain
©Hannah Starkey

The broadcaster: Mishal Husain

The BBC journalist was a global star even before she became a British one by joining ‘Today’

‘Creative Confidence’ by T and D Kelley

The authors believe each of us is more creative than we realise

In pursuit of a new view of immigration

Paul Collier attempts an evidence-based approach but finds no new or surprising answers

We need more awkward moments online

What is pushed our way can create a vicious cycle of data that confirms rather than challenges

Story of a poster boy’s spectacular crash

‘The Billionaire’s Apprentice’ by Anita Raghavan

An insider’s warning for the tech industry

Silicon Valley is being warned that it is making the same mistake as bankers

Path to start-ups begins at the border

David Cameron should worry about foreign students because immigrants are renowned entrepreneurs

Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar dies

Musician had global impact on modern music

John Lewis’s ‘The Journey’

Retailer’s seasonal message falls short of the mark

Collaborate to innovate – size matters

Big groups tap into the tech start-up scene

Be a good sport – and be a better manager

Mark de Rond’s ‘There is an I in Team’

The time is over for whingeing at the top

However bad Europe or the US get, their advantages still leave you ahead of much of the world

Chronicle of a premature death foretold

Traditional booksellers should not be written off just yet

A social network links our personal and office lives

The always-on culture has made my work-life balance more manageable

Innovation clarion call has a familiar ring

Ice hockey hits its target too often

Expanded spheres of influence


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