Olaf Swantee, architect of EE’s 4G feat

Chief executive of EE Olaf Swantee at Wembley Stadium 18/1/2016 For the Monday Interview. Biz Life
©Anna Gordon

Former chief of EE drove Britain’s superfast network upgrade before the operator’s sale to BT

Herman Gref, Sberbank’s survivor chief

The head of Russia’s biggest bank on his reform agenda

Eldar Saetre, Statoil’s reluctant leader

After finally taking the top job at the Norwegian group, he had to respond to the plunging oil price

Louise Richardson Vice-Chancellor Oxford University in Oxford. Photograph: Neville Williams/Financial Times.
©Neville Williams

Oxford’s new boss looks beyond Rhodes row

Terrorism expert Louise Richardson is university’s first female head

‘One job, one manager, whatever the nationality’: Jacques Gounon had to cut Eurotunnel’s Anglo-French workforce
©Magali Delporte

Jacques Gounon, Eurotunnel CEO

The head of the UK-France rail line link on migrants and Brexit

Keep quiet and prosper: Li Yonghui has ricocheted between truck leasing to property development to internet finance

Li Yonghui, Chinese self-made ‘everyman’

Fincera founder embodies a rising entrepreneurial class in China

Kim Beom-su, Kakao: Life of Brian

English nicknames for all — just one way in which the tech billionaire flouts South Korean norms

‘I thought investment was an opportunity and not a dead end’: Michael Dobson opted for asset management over banking
©Rosie Hallam

Michael Dobson, Schroders

The Etonian has run a pillar of the City for 14 years and has no plans to hand over reins


Peter Wennink, ASML: the memory maker

Head of the Dutch company that underpins the semiconductor sector

Tom Mockridge, chief executive, Virgin Media.
©Charlie Bibby

Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media CEO

On broadband, News Corp and football TV rights in the UK

Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia chairman

Entrepreneur’s hands-on role trying to revive Finnish group

Alan Horn, Walt Disney Studios’ head Jedi

New Star Wars movie is set to be another hit for the veteran boss

Inga Beale, Lloyd’s of London CEO

Insurance market’s first female boss wants to modernise it without alienating the old guard

Anthimos Thomopoulos’s race to raise €5bn

Greek bank boss has faced series of extreme management challenges

Jean Todt: motorsport’s quick thinker

The head of the governing body on triumph at Ferrari, Ecclestone and Schumacher

David Marcus, Facebook’s chief messenger

Why he left a top job at PayPal to lead the social network’s messaging push

Marijn Dekkers, Bayer: From GE to Germany

Running a €90bn life sciences group without burning out

Michael O’Leary, CEO: Ryanair grows up

A more adult approach has lifted the budget carrier’s profits

Allianz’s Bäte: Life after Bill Gross

Pimco saga meant a tough start at the German insurer’s helm

Canning Fok: Li Ka-shing’s right-hand man

Dealmaker welcomes ‘fat cow’ years at its European telecoms arm