Rubicon Global – less trash for landfill

App disrupts system that makes it pay for haulers to fill sites


Stratajet: private jet hire made simple

App automates complicated process of selecting routes and prices

Double Robotics

Double Robotic: enhanced telepresence

New $3,000 robot aims to reduce disadvantages of remote workers

An automated expert eye

Tractable’s algorithms enable affordable and accurate inspections


Amy, the virtual scheduler

Software that can find a time and place to meet

'Pump and ship' beats 'pump and dump': Milk Stork's refrigerated delivery service

Breastfeeding by mail

Milk Stork lets mothers send milk home from work trips for $99

Co working

Co-working around the world allows globe-trotting entrepreneurs to find desks


Zenefits stretches ‘freemium’ model

Silicon Valley start-up hooks customers with free software

Better pecs with Periscope

Fitness trainers are using the livestreaming app to run classes

GE Digital Power Plant

GE’s ‘app store’ for industry

Independent developers can add their ideas to technology platform

Nymi wristband aims to kill off passwords

Wearable tech uses electrocardiograms to verify user’s identity

Hoxton Analytics: Counting footfall

Start-up films shoes as part of in-store surveillance

Rise-To: job candidates’ soft skills

Website aims to help small companies identify personality traits

Signal Media: Cutting out internet din

Data and linguistics specialists help find relevant information

Custom flat-pack furniture

Polish start-up lets users visualise shelving combinations

Dice: freeing fans from gig fees

Start-up says it will find another way to make money when bigger

Karmagenes: gene test for ‘personality’

Kit taps into idea with consumer appeal but is also controversial

Lexoo: a digital marketplace of lawyers

Website aims to match lawyers with a brief at a discount

Automatic: an app store for drivers

Easy information about a driver’s car and driving habits

Seenit: collecting crowdsourced video

London start-up helps brands get public content