An app that makes music lessons fun

Children can access the cloud-based product at school or at home

Top10: app to find your perfect hotel

A tailored shortlist of 10 choices


Gluru, a digital PA with big aspirations

The UK start-up serves up the right files at right time

Molecular Structure

Protein fingerprints warn of disease

Fluidic Analytics works on first product to identify illnesses

Apperio: real time scrutiny of legal fees

Clients can monitor and compare their lawyers’ work, set thresholds and compare rivals


Financial news for all

The Invstr app offers financial updates, research and market data


Insuring the sharing economy

Peerby has a way to cash in on neighbourly behaviour


Crowdsurfer: analytics for crowdfunding

Insights from dashboard of collaborative-finance data


Scheduling sex with an app

A device to help couples prevent or plan pregnancies

On the first day of class at Hackbright Academy, students start learning to pair program and go through "Learn Code the Hard Way" while talking through problems with their pairing partner. with Melissa Skevington and Cassandra Lynn Dixon at Hackbright Academy.
©Hackbright Academy/Facebook

Women code schools tackle gender divide

Female coding training offers role models and insights

Performers for hire

Sidestage enables musicians to sell their services to private parties

Online auction that aims to reassure

Perfect Channel helps companies venturing into digital auctions

A Netflix for indie fans

The demise of the DVD has opened the door to a start-up offering extras

Technology for fashion

Start-ups for the clothes industry are blooming

A matchmaking service for fundraising

Platform pairs those with ideas and those with cash

Alternative finance to aid commuters

CommuterClub aims to bring the benefits of annual season tickets to everyone

Taggar: augmented reality for social media

Augmented reality used to enhance social media

A first debit card for young people

Parents can put money on a prepaid card for their children

Language app for the phone

Aspiring linguists can practise with others on the network

Help in finding the ideal cleaner

Entrepreneurs are finding people home help online