Rise-To: job candidates’ soft skills

Website aims to help small companies identify personality traits


Signal Media: cutting out internet din

Data and linguistics specialists help find relevant information

The tylko app lets you visualize dream furniture in the home before a purchase is ever made

Custom flat-pack furniture

Polish start-up lets users visualise shelving combinations


Dice: freeing fans from gig fees

Start-up says it will find another way to make money when bigger


Karmagenes: gene test for ‘personality’

Kit taps into idea with consumer appeal but is also controversial


Lexoo: a digital marketplace of lawyers

Website aims to match lawyers with a brief at a discount


Automatic: an app store for drivers

Easy information about a driver’s car and driving habits

©Anna Sobotka

Seenit: collecting crowdsourced video

London start-up helps brands get public content

The stylect website on iPhone6
©Charlie Bibby

Stylect, a Tinder for shoe lovers

London start-up gathers 60m opinions on footwear a month

CrowdEmotion: gauging consumers’ feelings

Emotional intelligence software helps machines read humans’ mood

Shuddle, HopSkipDrive: kids’ ride-hailing

Drivers have childcare experience and parents can track the journey

OkHi: alternative address system

Nairobi users combine GPS and photo to establish location

An app that makes music lessons fun

Children can access the cloud-based product at school or at home

Top10: app to find your perfect hotel

A tailored shortlist of 10 choices

Gluru, a digital PA with big aspirations

The UK start-up serves up the right files at right time

Protein fingerprints warn of disease

Fluidic Analytics works on first product to identify illnesses

Apperio: real time scrutiny of legal fees

Clients can monitor and compare their lawyers’ work, set thresholds and compare rivals

Financial news for all

The Invstr app offers financial updates, research and market data

Insuring the sharing economy

Peerby has a way to cash in on neighbourly behaviour

Crowdsurfer: analytics for crowdfunding

Insights from dashboard of collaborative-finance data