On the first day of class at Hackbright Academy, students start learning to pair program and go through "Learn Code the Hard Way" while talking through problems with their pairing partner. with Melissa Skevington and Cassandra Lynn Dixon at Hackbright Academy.
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Women code schools tackle gender divide

Female coding training offers role models and insights

Sidestage, Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers in New York City

Performers for hire

Sidestage enables musicians to sell their services to private parties

Online auction that aims to reassure

Perfect Channel helps companies venturing into digital auctions

A Netflix for indie fans

The demise of the DVD has opened the door to a start-up offering extras

Technology for fashion

Start-ups for the clothes industry are blooming


A matchmaking service for fundraising

Platform pairs those with ideas and those with cash

Computer Club

Alternative finance to aid commuters

CommuterClub aims to bring the benefits of annual season tickets to everyone

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Taggar: augmented reality for social media

Augmented reality used to enhance social media

Osper Card

A first debit card for young people

Parents can put money on a prepaid card for their children

Language app for the phone

Aspiring linguists can practise with others on the network

Help in finding the ideal cleaner

Entrepreneurs are finding people home help online

Browsing data that hold key to sales

Social media offers details that a company can use

Booking a parking space with an app

Tech start-ups aim to save time for drivers

Turning students into IT support staff

Student@Home turned a problem into a solution

A social network to find clothes that fit

Solving the problem of buying garments online

No more waving at waiters for the bill

Smartphone apps aim to change the way we pay

Loyalty programmes without the cards

A way to reward consumers and gain information on shopping habits

Person-to-person currency exchange

The WeSwap website allows international travellers to trade spare currency online

App translates English-language movies

MyLingo plays dubbed audio in sync with the action

Match.com for builders

Honest Buildings is a network for construction and property professionals