quiet room

Online tool seeks leaders in introverts

Quiet Revolution helps tap talent that seldom puts itself forward

Group of young hipster friends playing with smartphone with mutual disinterest towards each other - Modern situation of technology interaction in alienated lifestyle - Internet wifi connection

Friends-based insurance

Customers benefit by sharing risk only with those they trust


A rubbish bin for a cleaner marina

Seabin waterpump sucks in floating debris and oil

Managing family and work

Social network for back-to-work mothers

Can a new advice and jobs site change employers’ minds?

Wayfindr Press Shots
©Sophie Mutevelian

Digital navigation for the blind

Beacons send signals to passing users’ smartphones

WeChat seeks to appeal more to business

Chat app adds workplace features for corporate users


Eternime and chatbot beyond the grave

A US start-up is developing an ‘intelligent avatar’

Stock unlimited website for business life.
©Charlie Bibby

Stock Unlimited – Streaming for images

Fight for a slice of the rapidly growing market for online images


Realeyes tests emotion stirred by adverts

Algorithmic analysis of facial expressions to help plan campaigns

Blink Health: a cure for high drug costs

App allows patients to find medication in the US at best price

Moulding makers of the future

How a toy could make 3D printing easy for families

Rubicon Global – less trash for landfill

App disrupts system that makes it pay for haulers to fill sites

Stratajet: private jet hire made simple

App automates complicated process of selecting routes and prices

Double Robotic: enhanced telepresence

New $3,000 robot aims to reduce disadvantages of remote workers

An automated expert eye

Tractable’s algorithms enable affordable and accurate inspections

Amy, the virtual scheduler

Software that can find a time and place to meet

Breastfeeding by mail

Milk Stork lets mothers send milk home from work trips for $99

Co-working around the world

Coworker.com allows globe-trotting entrepreneurs to find desks

Zenefits stretches ‘freemium’ model

Silicon Valley start-up hooks customers with free software

Better pecs with Periscope

Fitness trainers are using the livestreaming app to run classes