Using phones and laptops all day can cause 'text neck'

Exercises to fix ‘text neck’

Too much screen time can cause serious posture problems

Bunch of beets, beetroot with tops, summer harvest of fresh vegetables, sweet, tasty ingredient

Beetroot good for sport and hypertension

The nitrate-rich food enhances workouts and lowers blood pressure


Use behavioural economics to lose weight

Financial incentives can push us to exercise, as Pact app shows

Genetic tests aid breast cancer battle

Causes for optimism but guidance on mammogram frequency varies

Male runners passing relay baton

Train your brain to get you up that hill

Research on how the brain affects physical stamina


Can saunas enhance your workout?

Warming muscles may increase endurance

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Protect eyes with careful use of LED

Vitamins and special lenses can help protect our sight

The pen is mightier than the keyboard

Old fashioned handwriting retains an allure — for good reason

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Could staying cool help burn calories?

Turn down the temperature to shed a few pounds

Boy drinking glass of milk, sitting at table --- Image by © 169/George Marks/Ocean/Corbis

Was your mother wrong about milk?

A study suggests that dairy products may cause fractures

Online calculator of early death risks

‘Fitness number’ indicates chances of cardiovascular disease

Hardware, apps and Apple’s HealthKit

Ecosystem develops around the new IOS 8 data-sharing platform

Pay attention to your gut bacteria

More and diverse fibre is needed to feed the human microbiome

A gym-free method for building muscle and strength

Exercises such as pull-ups and push-ups are ideal

Heart attacks that strike during exercise

Strenuous workouts raise risk but regular gym trips help overall, writes Charles Wallace

Two wheels and lots of tech

Cyclists are fervent users of devices to track their performance

Schedule workouts to fit your body clock

Timing, calories and coffee are integral to an exercise regime

Meditate to sharpen your assertive edge

Type-A personalities should not fear being tamed by the practice

Vitamin D helps make up for lack of sun

The supplement is known to have far-reaching effects

Red meat and dairy are still high-risk

Just when you thought the full English was safe comes research saying it is not