The risk of marginal weight gains

Being even slightly overweight can increase chance of early death

Withings Body Cardion Scales

Devices to gauge a healthy heart

The Body Cardio and Mocaheart assess how fast blood is moving

Call for tests after prostate cancer rise

Increase in US may help end opposition to screening

Mandatory Credit: Photo by VOISIN/PHANIE/REX/Shutterstock (5600801cx) Model released - Woman practicing respiratory exercises. Various

Train your heartbeat to help the brain

Why rhythmic breathing is good for stress and anxiety

Stressed business man stretching in his office.

Back pain remedies to avoid surgery

Our unsymmetrical bodies are the issue, not disc deformity

Put that juicer back in the cupboard

Fruit and vegetables should be eaten, not drunk

Withings Aura

A good night’s sleep

Products to help identify what is causing insomnia and to overcome it

DG3KY6 AUCKLAND, NZ - OCT 09:Woman pass by Gluten free grocer shop on Oct 09 2013. Gluten-free food is normally seen as a diet for celiac disease, nearly 1 out of every 133 people has celiac disease.
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Why you feel better on a gluten-free diet

Carbohydrates called Fodmaps may be real stomach ache culprit

Relieve scratchy dry eyes in a blink

Screen breaks every 20 minutes can soothe CVS symptoms

A drug for those who cannot take statins

Repatha trial indicates it has fewer side effects

Connected scales can help you lose weight

Software may give a more accurate view of cutting calories

Sweating runners must check salt intake

Diluting electrolytes can cause cramps and raise blood pressure

Muscle moves to stay flexible and mobile

Bending and stretching without tricky and dangerous poses

Knee therapy may restore ability to jump

Patients’ own blood is used to heal cartilage damage

One fitness measure for all exercise aims

Metric keeps track whether you are cycling, swimming or running

Tips on a better diet for improved health

What to eat to cut the chances of suffering illness

Unwanted extras in rice and green tea

Careful preparation will mitigate presence of lead and arsenic

Cause and cures for runner’s ‘runny nose’

Beat effects of overexertion with treatments from zinc to gargles

A universal diet works only for some

Promise of a personalised plan to manage glucose levels

Slow exit from the workforce is healthier

Easing into retirement and making new friends helps you live longer