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Money FT

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Who owns LinkedIn, Twitter accounts?

How can I pursue a large client for payment?

Funding a legal action against non-payment of a bill


Employee refuses to serve alcohol

How can I prevent discrimination?

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Is fighting grounds for the sack?

Can he be dismissed before a court case?

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Can I sue a customer over critical tweets?

Can I sue if my business is alluded to on Twitter?

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Strategic move for a growing company

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Can I demand return of goods?

Consoles sent out instead of games

Can I sack someone for extremist views?

I have had complaints from colleagues

Can I stop rival leafleting my street?

Check with your council’s local regulations

Can an adviser be considered a director?

The investor is seeking that I be disqualified as a director

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What are the cheapest ways to find customers?

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What to do about a rival making similar-looking products

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I want to ensure I retain control