Can we recover cost of faulty goods?

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Fears Asian supplier may dissipate UK assets

I'm the new intern.

How do I handle an internship?

Interns can legally be considered workers

Must we pay to move to the cloud?

Software supplier demands compensation

Is our word our bond on notice periods?

Changes to terms of employment should be in writing

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Can I keep a novel product idea secret?

How do I protect a design idea before its launch?

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Can I park outside my premises?

Can I contest my landlord’s decision?

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Can we avoid client-poaching covenants?

Interviewee promised to bring new clients with her

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Should I pay holiday commission?

European Court ruling will affect your pay rules

"Oh no -it's a glowing endorsement from Sepp Blatter."

Can I sue over World Cup stories?

My business has been named in articles about the 2022 World Cup

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A wrongful dismissal claim?

A second employee was not sacked

Can I sue my own solicitors?

Legal team should have spotted problems with property contract

Can I force Google to remove entry?

Former director was made bankrupt

Is there any point to a voluntary audit?

Add credibility to the sales process of your company

Can I give new investor a 50% stake?

Need to keep existing shareholders happy

How can I reduce employee turnover?

I’m worried our growth is being stunted

Can I raise money on the back of my brand?

Can an intangible asset be classed as collateral on a loan?

Which is better – patent or registered design?

Is it necessary to patent a product to protect the design?

Does office have to be back in its original state before we move?

Must we return our office to its original state before moving?

In a tangle over social media

Who owns LinkedIn, Twitter accounts?

How can I pursue a large client for payment?

Funding a legal action against non-payment of a bill

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