Can we avoid client-poaching covenants?

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Interviewee promised to bring new clients with her

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Should I pay holiday commission?

European Court ruling will affect your pay rules

"Oh no -it's a glowing endorsement from Sepp Blatter."

Can I sue over World Cup stories?

My business has been named in articles about the 2022 World Cup

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A wrongful dismissal claim?

A second employee was not sacked

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Can I sue my own solicitors?

Legal team should have spotted problems with property contract

Can I force Google to remove entry?

Former director was made redundant

Is there any point to a voluntary audit?

Add credibility to the sales process of your company

Can I give new investor a 50% stake?

Need to keep existing shareholders happy

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How can I reduce employee turnover?

I’m worried our growth is being stunted

Can I raise money on the back of my brand?

Can an intangible asset be classed as collateral on a loan?

Which is better – patent or registered design?

Is it necessary to patent a product to protect the design?

Does office have to be back in its original state before we move?

Must we return our office to its original state before moving?

In a tangle over social media

Who owns LinkedIn, Twitter accounts?

How can I pursue a large client for payment?

Funding a legal action against non-payment of a bill

Employee refuses to serve alcohol

How can I prevent discrimination?

Is fighting grounds for the sack?

Can he be dismissed before a court case?

Can I sue a customer over critical tweets?

Can I sue if my business is alluded to on Twitter?

How can I deal with endless whingeing?

An employee has turned complaining into his main role

How do I pass the entrepreneurial baton?

I want to pass on wealth to my children

Is it time to hire a finance chief?

Strategic move for a growing company

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