Will immigration policies hit my firm?

Take a memo to all staff

Specialist tax credits may be claimed

Since you spend so much time away from the office

What rights will my new tenants have?

Length of the tenancies will be key

How can I handle fallout from gay kiss?

Taxi driver refuses to take couple home

I can live with the zero-hours contract

Taking the seasonal strain

What’s the best way to employ temporary staff?

Hi I'm researching the channels of communication

Is a pop-up shop easy to set up?

Take advantage of vacant units

Maybe we should give the Serious Fraud Office a chance

Should we mount a private prosecution?

Police do not seem to have sufficient resources to act


What are the rules for domestic staff?

Is it best to hire direct – or through an agency

I get the impression the administrators are in no hurry

Can we force administrators to go?

Previous tenants’ administrators won’t get out or tell us when they’re leaving

Roger Beale

What happens to me in takeover deal?

Vet surgery could be bought out by a national chain

You may have all the right qualifications

Is our data safe in their hands?

Staff access business information on their own phones

Are there drawbacks to flexi-holidays?

Consequences for employers of initiative

How can we tackle data theft?

Former employee stole information and published it online

Can I dismiss preaching employee?

An employee is foisting his religious beliefs on to others

Can we recover cost of faulty goods?

Fears Asian supplier may dissipate UK assets

How do I handle an internship?

Interns can legally be considered workers

Must we pay to move to the cloud?

Software supplier demands compensation

Is our word our bond on notice periods?

Changes to terms of employment should be in writing

Can I keep a novel product idea secret?

How do I protect a design idea before its launch?

Can I park outside my premises?

Can I contest my landlord’s decision?

Can we avoid client-poaching covenants?

Interviewee promised to bring new clients with her

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