Book sales boost the translators’ role

Rising popularity of non-English fiction brings glory

Startup Funeral at Tech Hub, Bonhill Street. Picture shows presenter Adam Hawley, Global Projects Director, Tech Hub. PHOTOGRAPH BY DANIEL JONES 2016 07815 853503
©Daniel Jones

A wake for entrepreneurs’ dead dreams

Memorial service for start-ups mixes celebration and postmortem

My mother pioneers a quickstep to ageing

Notebook: A startled reception to older ravers reveals that social lives are still segregated by age

©Brian Saffer

City firms hire parenting consultants

Professionals seek advice at the office on their children

Picture by Jon Super for The Financial Times newspaper. Pic fao Annabel Cook re story by Emma Jacobs. Picture shows Sarah Hodgson who is transgender and works for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Chester, April 8, 2016. (Photo/Jon Super 07974 356-333)
©Jon Super

Policies to help transitioning workers

Organisations are rethinking their approach to transgender staff

Why share a desk with your dog?

Call me Cruella de Vil but this is a perk I am pleased not to have

An ethnic businessman looking bored and tired as he sits behind his desk

A bit of boredom at work goes a long way

In the right doses ennui can be useful, but we are in danger of losing the habit

©Brian Saffer

My adventures in co-working spaces

The second of a two-part series on shared offices

©Brian Saffer

Big business moves into co-working spaces

Part one of a series on shared workspaces

FT - Business Tracey (lef tin black) with Claire Wood and her son Freddie 3. Tracey Conway from Bristol photographed at the home of her Boss Claire Wood of Truffle Shuffle. 18th April 2016 Pic - Gareth Iwan Jones
©Gareth Iwan Jones

Grandparents left holding the baby

Older women returning to work juggle career and childcare again

From City desk to policing the streets

Scheme tempts professionals into leadership roles with the force

Fishing for vital company knowledge

Aquatic ecologists are environmental consultants for big projects

Guardian of the City’s green spaces

Sue Ireland oversees 11,000 acres of parkland, forest and heath

The riff: #HashtagTrademark

#LikeAGirl stands out amid surge in companies’ # trademarks

The rich lives of London’s river workers

Photo essay: career fulfilment between the City and Canary Wharf

Out of office: the fathers bringing up baby

Shared parental leave promised radical change in the way mothers and fathers divide up work and childcare

A global prize brings glitz to teaching

Stars from Japan, Finland, Kenya and UK vie for top teacher title

Censor’s farewell to porn and horror

In spite of all he has seen, David Cooke is still a film fan

Mixing the careers of a DJ and lawyer

Jules O’Riordan — Judge Jules — now works in the law

The craft of signwriting

Painters pass on the tradition with a flourish


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