Rise of the private coach at university

Extra help: some undergraduates instinctively turn to private teachers because they had them at school, says Madeleine Kasson, below

More undergraduates are paying for extra tuition in study skills

Hollywood revamps preconception of intern

De Niro stars as 70-year-old shadowing chief executive

The Firstsource Solutions call centre in Cardiff is cheery but the Glassdoor reviews are less enthusiastic
©Jay Williams

The three-year degree in call centres

Part-time BSc aimed at dispelling sector’s dreary job image

Kept hanging on for their success

A soul singer, MP and male model discuss late-blooming careers

The riff: Middle manager as warrior

Reputation for pettiness contradicted by research

Richard Bolles is inured to anxiety about changes in the workplace. ‘People say something is new. I just say, you haven’t noticed it before’
©Thor Swift

The man who shaped careers advice

‘What Color is Your Parachute?’ author looks back over 40 years

The Islington branch of the WI tries its hand at balloon modelling

Women’s Institute adds tweets to knitting

A digital update is helping the UK body as it turns 100

As a child, one of Gurcharn Sahota’s favourite pastimes was cleaning his dad’s car
©Charlie Bibby

Car-valeting, Knightsbridge-style

Gurcharn Sahota ditched accounting to polish Ferraris

Martin Root at his desk. Photographs on Martin's desk of his partner and his family on his 40th birthday. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Pictures that paint a thousand words

Photos displayed at work have psychological significance

Hashtag clubs bring comfort and clout

Being part of a community of like-minded people — even virtually — is beneficial

Coding boot camps and career U-turns

Demand for programming skills is luring people to retrain and quit sectors with a gloomier future

Office pass, vending card . . . baby

Some employers let staff bring their infants to work every day

Fighting talk on winning new audience

Boxing promoter Frank Warren wants to reach more viewers

The riff: Aesthetics and annual reports

Purely functional design is just fine for financial documents

Strategies to soothe disrupted staff

The art of people management when a business is under attack

How to stand in for your absent boss

Holiday cover can be a poisoned chalice or a chance to shine

The riff: robot skills honed on Minecraft

Learning machines and coping strategies for humans they threaten

The reverend on a showbiz mission

Brazilian-born vicar Peterson Feital has a grand plan for workers in London’s creative industries

The silent anxiety of the sharing economy

Fear of failure and existential panic stalk the self-employed

Illicit pills for the hyper-competitive

Prescription-only is no deterrent for some seeking an edge at work, despite the health risks


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