The riff: Aesthetics and annual reports

Purely functional design is just fine for financial documents — anything more is an irritation

Tammy Erickson, left, Mark Fields and Kay Trainor
©FT Montage/Getty/Rosie Hallam

Strategies to soothe disrupted staff

The art of people management when a business is under attack

Stand-in stands out: Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver in ‘Working Girl’

How to stand in for your absent boss

Holiday cover can be a poisoned chalice or a chance to shine


The riff: robot skills honed on Minecraft

Learning machines and coping strategies for humans they threaten

Peterson Feital. For Working lives.
©Charlie Bibby

The reverend on a showbiz mission

Peterson Feital’s grand plan for London’s creative workers

The silent anxiety of the sharing economy

Fear of failure and existential panic stalk the self-employed

D9CW6P Online prescription order concept with bottles of medicine on keyboard

Illicit pills for the hyper-competitive

Prescription-only is no deterrent for some seeking an edge at work, despite the health risks

Paul Weldon, founder of the Panic Room, looking out of the window of his office in the grounds of his home at Thurcroft, near Rotherham.
©Asadour Guzelian

Purveyors of a place of greater safety

Panic rooms are latest buy for the security conscious

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Video games on the gender agenda

Six women discuss their work in a male-dominated industry

Workplace bullies’ weapon is a smartphone

Email and social media make potent threats easier

Review: ‘Two Awesome Hours’ by Josh Davis

It is counterproductive to force your mind to stay focused

A brave ascent from childhood abuse

For David Tait, climbing mountains spares others his pain

A reel change without losing a frame

Linda Pike passed on the dying art of film projection to her son

Paid to advise on the ‘right’ nursery

Wealthy Londoners seek outside help to smooth their infants’ rise

Horses for courses to gee up interactions

An equine away day promises insights into behaviour at work

Kill the passion for work

Talk of passion is best kept for the bedroom

Young, bright, paying to work overseas

Graduates anxious to stand out in the jobs market are opting for foreign internships

Review: Generation Jobless by Peter Vogel

An optimistic look at a range of solutions to youth unemployment

Marathon runners make us competitive

The rise of ostentatious online fundraising has added a new level of career-enhancing sponsorship opportunities

Finding a new life after Westminster

Losing a seat is an abrupt end to a big job; what do MPs do next?


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