A pivot back to corporate life

Chloe Macintosh, creative director at soho house. For working lives.
©Charlie Bibby

Swapping a start-up for a bigger, more established employer

Kelly Walker joined Monckton after a suggestion from a jobs agency
©Rosie Hallam

Slick go-betweens at the Inns of Court

Clerks have survived predictions of their demise by adapting to change

Car parks take urban culture to new stage

Multistories become galleries, bars and restaurants

‘There’s a new optimism emerging’: Nik Górecki says the financial crisis and austerity are driving people to find out the causes
©Anna Gordon

A radical reawakening for bookshops

Housmans store bolstered by demand for political reading material

Terry Pattinson, William Hill’s group trading director, says the company recruits from universities
©Lorne Campbell / Guzelian

Bookmakers bank on algorithms

Data-crunching is replacing gut feeling in the betting industry

Tracey Earl, archivist at Coutts Bank. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

A three-century paper trail at Coutts

Private bank manages its corporate past through trove of records

Unwind with a long commute

Why a lengthy journey to work need not mean misery

Structural Engineer Wahid Issa. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Refugees building a new life through work

Those fleeing to Europe can be caught between their skills and what employers recognise

©Lloyd Thatcher

Identity crisis of the middle manager

Job can be seen as depressing, but can also be key to effect change

Helping hand: Liza Caldwell, right, and Kimberly Mishkin say clients feel paralysed by the decisions they face
©Pascal Perich

Ready to shake up the break-up blues

Divorce coaches help the newly-single navigate a split

The consultants advising on digital detox

The people who make a living helping others turn off their devices and tune in to the real world

Rise of the private coach at university

More undergraduates are paying for extra tuition in study skills

Hollywood revamps preconception of intern

De Niro stars as 70-year-old shadowing chief executive

The three-year degree in call centres

Part-time BSc aimed at dispelling sector’s dreary job image

Kept hanging on for their success

A soul singer, MP and male model discuss late-blooming careers

The riff: Middle manager as warrior

Reputation for pettiness contradicted by research

The man who shaped careers advice

‘What Color is Your Parachute?’ author looks back over 40 years

Women’s Institute adds tweets to knitting

A digital update is helping the UK body as it turns 100

Car-valeting, Knightsbridge-style

Gurcharn Sahota ditched accounting to polish Ferraris

Pictures that paint a thousand words

Photos displayed at work have psychological significance


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