Publish and be OK in Pakistan

Saher Paracha, CEO and publisher of OK magazine, Pakistan. Photographed at the Dorchester hotel, London this afternoon.
©Charlie Bibby

Meet the young founder of the celebrity magazine’s local edition

Banks try to protect their young

Part 2 of FT Series: New recruits are now told to work less – but is it lip service?

Portrait of a young City banker

The first of two features on the new generation entering a scandal-hit sector this summer

Fraser Doherty, who started making jam with his grandmother and sold the product to Waitrose under the brand name SuperJam
©Gary Doak

A case of jam today for teenage tycoons

Young entrepreneurs say they have not forgone adolescent fun

Mindfulness beneath the waves

The deeper side of a professional diver’s daily grind

No pay? You must be joking

A rebellion is under way against the trend of working for free

Hermione Elliott, Purple shawl, and her fellow death doulas meet in Barcombe, East Sussex. For Working Lives.
©Charlie Bibby

On hand to enable a good death

A new vocation provides support at the end of people’s lives

Chocolate tasters at the Mondelez Science Centre, University of Reading, sample chocolate pieces. Photograph shows the tasters including ladies quoted in the piece, Julia Gaster (blue jacket), Louise Goldring Green and brown flower print blouse) and Liz Tanner, Blue flower print skirt, white blouse, glasses).
©Charlie Bibby

Sweetness of being paid to taste

The discerning palates that test chocolate for a living

Pick of off-the-wall interview questions

Nerf guns and Jaffa Cakes: Employers go lateral to test candidates

Heather Knight
©Chris Crisman

How to raise a personable robot

Heather Knight is working on machines people can get on with

Cultural attaché to executives

Brad Grossman is in the business of keeping his clients informed

Trophies of triumph return to City desks

The M&A surge has spurred a revival in deal toys

Tales from corporate boomerangs

When you discover you were happier in your old City job

Relax to take 40 winks in the land of nod

The problem is the time we spend fretting about not getting enough slumber

City refugees turn over a new leaf

Names and dignity for the desert’s dead

Robin Reineke helps identify migrants to the US who perished

The salvager of lost languages

A linguist is using hip-hop to help preserve dying tongues

Pop-up yoga pods deflate office stress

Companies become more keen to invest in employees’ wellbeing

Shedding light on dark stores

Dotcom warehouses have created armies of ‘pickers’ but their bosses insist they are not robots

Publicity is free with no PRs

Some companies prefer to eschew public relations professionals and do their own press work


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