Editors-for-hire on Wikipedia

©Lloyd Thatcher

The writers paid to make entries sparkle, dismaying amateurs

Stay-at-home dad Will Culp plays with two of his three children
©Stephen Haas

When stay-at-home fathers go back to work

Men feel disadvantaged after taking time off to care for their children

Hearing yourself in the machine

The odd world of the people who loaned their voices to Siri

...Deirdre Sanders who works as an agony aunt for The Sun newspaper. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

The joys of being a newspaper agony aunt

‘Dear Deidre’ and her staff respond to every fretful message

Vow of silence amid Twitter’s outrage

When tempted to be unkind I suppress the urge to express half-ideas

Baytree Nursery in Catford that runs an all night nursery. Wojciech Nidecki, 3, Nevedah George-Edwards, 3, and Amelia Thomas, 3, staying overnight at the nursery. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
©Rosie Hallam

Night at the nursery that does not close

London childcare unit open 24 hours for children of shift workers

Chris Wild, Retronaut founder
©David Parry

Haunted by the past, in digital form

Archivists make businesses from forgotten photos

©FT illustration/Lloyd Thatcher

LinkedIn seeks to embrace blue-collar workers

Careers network site expansion shows how jobseeking is changing

Rise of the armchair terrorist tracker

As jihadis exploit social media, bloggers are observing from afar

©David Levene /Eyevine/ Rick Pushinsky

The lessons learnt by early high flyers

What is it like to achieve extraordinary success at a tender age?

Auctioneer laments a lost drama

From silver cleaner to managing director at Bonhams

A year in a word: Vlogging

The latest route to stardom for teenagers

The secret lives of elves

Moonlighting as Santa’s helper requires patience and perkiness

The man who mends careers and hearts

Coaching executives with problems in love and work

A hostage negotiator’s business tips

From mediating the release of captives to training executives

The joy of discovery for plant hunters

Careful botanists have replaced the adventurers of the past

Mission to bring US glitz to UK football

Mullin helps sports franchises build relationships with fans

Global army hot on the trail of trolls

Content moderators that go to the dark side of web

Advertisers’ ageing dilemma

The ad industry is noticing differences among older consumers

Three generations in one office

Millennial, Generation X and baby-boomer colleagues on their jobs


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