GPTM in Dubrovnik

Gradska Kavana, Dubrovnik

Ideal city-centre rendezvous serves great coffee and cake

Up in the Air

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The psychological effects of extended work-related absence

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Avoid annoying others with devices that prevent reclining

Airbnb and Uber for a business trip

More employers view alternative services as viable in the travel mix

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It will be hard to replicate short-haul success on longer routes, even though barriers have fallen

Budget carriers create a new map for airlines

Cut-price upstarts gain the advantage

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Frequent travel poses unexpected health consequences

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Back to the front of the cabin

Airlines are offering extras to woo business-class and first-class passengers

Poor service from hideaway companies

There are too many organisations that want our business but don’t want to hear from us

Apps to help beat language barriers

Master a foreign tongue or just make yourself understood. The technology is at hand

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The devices and software senior executives rely on

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Purchasing presents can be a good way to go further

Shrinking hotel rooms

A smaller size does not have to mean lesser quality

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Shares tumble as carrier blames ‘softness’ in yields

Female visitors to the Middle East

Make sure you are familiar with the traditions and customs that local people follow

Alternatives to staying in hotels

From members’ clubs to informal lets, there are ways to break free of the chain

Business traveller: The US shutdown

How the Washington standoff might affect you

Be productive in a queue

Standing in line need not be a waste of time

Leaving the children behind

Parents can find it hard to balance their work and family commitments