Review: A Curious Mind by Brian Grazer

The producer’s conversations with scores of famous people add up to surprisingly little

Review: Big Data Revolution

An attempt to predict the impact of massive number-crunching that is sketchy on the cost to business

Business Education

A reader’s guide to a turbulent decade – with the financial crisis at its centre
Daniel Lubetzky, Founder and CEO of Kind Healthy Snacks at the Kind Headquarters in New York City
©Pascal Perich

Review: Do the Kind Thing

Mixed account of a ‘not just for profit’ enterprise

Review: ‘The Second Curve’ by Charles Handy

A radical manifesto from a prescient thinker


Review: ‘Captivology’ by Ben Parr

The science and tips of capturing attention

Review: ‘Frugal Innovation’

Case studies from the masters of cut-price ingenuity

Review: ‘Bold’ by Peter Diamandis

A guide to exponential digital chutzpah from a master of the art of ‘going big’

Promotion: you can learn to manage tasks to make more room for the elements of the job you enjoy most
©Mark Sykes

An action-packed guide to leadership

Insead professor’s fine primer on how doing trumps philosophising

Feedback on review of health tech book

Readers offer thoughts on apps aimed at optimising productivity

Review: Mindful Work

A timely history of how businesses adopted meditation

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