Think-tank searches for good governance

Updated regularly and collated here: debates held by Board Intelligence on the theme ‘The Board is Dead; Long Live the Board’ with contributions from executives, non-executives, headhunters and others. Individual reports are below.

Mozilla firestorm highlights influence of social media

Boardroom decisions are often made in lofty isolation, but people’s reactions to them can be instant and forceful, especially on social media

Woman in a boardroom

‘Men in skirts’ do not enhance diversity

Little will change in boardrooms until more women take up senior executive roles

Relationships at heart of good practice

Some directors discover themselves to be ill-equipped on their arrival in the boardroom

‘Pass the baton of chairmanship’

Think tank suggests rota of chairmen would increase responsibility

London’s reputation ‘at risk’

The latest in a series of debates organised by Board Intelligence

‘Two reasons for boardroom failure’

Chief financial officers say too much governance stifles growth

Evaluation code proposed

Concern over standards prompts call for clarity

Non-executives ‘don’t need no education’

Leading the boardroom debate into the next era, Peter Whitehead looks at training

The perfect pitch can open doors

‘The Pitch Doctor’ offers advice on how to secure a seat on the board


Non-exec job messier than paperwork pile

A focus on the complex relationships that anyone becoming a director will encounter

Investors struggle to rule the boardroom

In theory, shareholders hold power. But exercising it poses ‘huge problems’

What about the workers?

Few boards find a place for employee representation

Non-executive director: a task for which no one is qualified

Better Boards – leading the debate on UK corporate governance with a look at boardroom composition

Non-executive roles ‘of little or no value to the business’

Professor Andrew Kakabadse holds strong views on how boards are fulfilling their function

Why a boardroom is the least bad option

Twenty years after the Cadbury Code we lead the debate into the next era with a series on the boardroom. Peter Whitehead asks what they are for

Non-executives must ‘delve into all areas’

Interview: Michael Jackson tells Dina Medland about the qualities needed to challenge managers and spot hidden problems