Aristotle and the Scottish vote rhetoric

Independence campaign holds lessons for business communicators

©Daniel Lynch

Is it worth asking a rhetorical question?

Their virtue is in taking what might be an open question and making listeners accept it as a given

Ukip MEP is wrong on Hitler’s oratory

A church hall gathering and a Nazi rally require different types of rhetorical delivery

Nixon: great orator but still a crook

A classic example of the flat denial as all-or-nothing bet

The lessons gained in translation

Idiomatic language throws up a tricky situation for speeches

The Labour Party conference get under way in Manchester this afternoon. Shadow Defence Secretary, Douglas Alexander, addresses the audience this morning.
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A classic way to give orators rhythm

The ‘rising tricolon’ can even make nonsense sound impressive

When to deploy treats or threats

Rhetoric is about generating communities of assent

When empty words work for you

Abstraction proves a blight of political rhetoric

I say ‘we’ and ‘us’ but I mean ‘you’

The first person plural can be usefully inclusive but has been known to fail spectacularly

Kevin Spacey in 'House of Cards'

You might say that: the art of sneaky rhetoric

Saying one thing to say something else

How to do folksy like Warren Buffett

The renowned investor is proof that the ‘plain style’ can trump ornate public speaking

A nod to the power of humour

In diplomacy, in business communications and in defensive PR, being funny is hugely valuable

Great orators do not fear repetition

Saying the same thing again is a vital public speaking technique

Tips from Obama’s ‘mind-reading’ aide

The former presidential speech writer says authenticity is key

A winning Oscar acceptance speech

You need to capture an impression of spontaneity

Lessons on how to talk like TED

A book aims to distil what makes the lectures so effective

Anti-rhetoric can be the best rhetoric

Decrying your opponent’s clever use of words is a clever way to use words

RBS bonuses and rhetoric’s failure

Neither of the arguments usually used to justify bankers’ payouts flies with the general public

The gainful way to give ground

The crafty strategist knows when to lose a battle to win the war

How to eulogise the dead and departing

The speech may be about somebody else, the way you make it strongly reflects on you