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Broadway at Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, 2016
©Camilo José Vergara

New York after dark

The Chilean-born photographer Camilo José Vergara revisits the city that never sleeps

collage of photographer-baseball cards showing Imogen Cunningham, Mike Mandel and Ed Ruscha
©Mike Mandel

Mike Mandel’s baseball-photographer trading cards

The American photographer devised his series of photographers’ trading cards in 1973 as a gentle dig at the art market. Now the cards are part of a new show at Tate Modern

Masala, Brick Lane
©Thom Atkinson

Britain’s curry crisis

Can anyone save the nation’s tandoori?

The Lickey Hills route
©Gareth Phillips

A walk with the FT: The Lickey Hills route, with Jonathan Coe

Walking through the ‘Tolkien landscape’ of his childhood, the novelist talks about history, memory and the ‘heavenly’ solitude of writing

GrowUp: the cutting edge of aquaponics

When fully operational the farm will produce 20,000kg of salad and 4,000kg of fish a year

©Brian David Stevens

A sea view by Brian David Stevens

These photographic diptychs look out to sea from every coastal county in Britain

Making a longbow with Tom Mareschall
©Marco Kesseler

Making a longbow with Tom Mareschall

How does one play the ‘devil’s harpsichord’ like a medieval bowman?

Start the feast: Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer’s party pieces

Out-of-the-ordinary hors d’oeuvres with a Middle Eastern slant from Honey & Co

Steamed pudding
©Sophie Green

Steamed puddings: Jojo Tulloh’s golden syrup lemon sponge

A nursery favourite makes a comeback

Some of the many files documenting the lives of Jews who perished in WWII, compiled at the Grodzka Gate NN Theatre in Lublin, Poland
©Rafal Milach

The lost faces of Lublin

The Polish city’s Jews were wiped out in the second world war. One man is determined to tell their stories

Olympic cycling champion Chris Hoy turns to motor racing

Britain’s most successful Olympian shows us his latest challenge, which involves driving at speeds of up to 185mph

Atlético Madrid aim to go global

Scrappy, passionate and competing with Europe’s elite, Atlético Madrid are determined to punch above their weight

Romania’s Carpathian mountain range

The only truly wild landscape left in Europe is threatened by logging. Can the ‘wildlands philanthropists’ save them?

The people of Imperial Courts, Los Angeles

Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg reflects on her relationship with the people of the public housing project where she has worked for over 20 years

FT Masterclass: batting with Sebastian Faulks

The acclaimed author and life-long cricketer passes on some tips to a novice

Pigeon, beetroot and blueberry salad

‘Whether it is actually a salad is a moot point but I have learnt one thing over the years: if you want to sell a dish, tagging it to the word “salad” does no harm whatsoever’

The partners at John Lewis

The beloved British retailer has a fight on its hands

My Last Day at Seventeen

The coming of age of youths living on a housing estate in County Cork, Ireland, photographed by Doug DuBois

Syria’s culinary richness remembered

Carefree days spent in spice-filled souks and abundant fruit fields in a country now beseiged

Snow gear guide

From a bobble hat to a Star Wars-themed version of the après-ski boot, get the coolest items for skiing holidays

Chocolate slice with pecan and orange

‘When you do indulge, make sure it’s worth it. This dessert is really worth it’

Kenyan coffee culture

Café society is taking off in a nation of tea drinkers

FT Masterclass: Kung fu with the Shaolin monks

Fending off adversaries with a wooden staff is harder than it looks

The Pursuits interview: Chris Eubank Sr and Chris Eubank Jr

The father and son boxing duo in a training session

The sea women of Jeju

For centuries, female divers on a South Korean island have made their living by harvesting seaweed

Cannabis: Silicon Valley’s hot new sector

California has the biggest medical marijuana market in the US, an upcoming referendum that could see recreational use legalised and a thriving cannabis start-up culture

At home with Elizabeth Taylor

The artist Catherine Opie photographed the actress’s house during the last months of her life

Baked sea bass in a lotus leaf

The lotus plant signifies fertility, but it also has abundant possibilities and a bewitching fragrance for the cook

The Ethiopia paradox

Country with authoritarian regime boasts astonishing growth

Robot wars

See the robots taking part in the Darpa Robotics Challenge

Virtual reality

The University of Birmingham team looking to turn VR into reality

‘We Want More: Image Making and Music in the 21st Century’

A new exhibition of music photography opens at London’s Photographers’ Gallery

FT Masterclass: Hill climbing with Damon Hill

The former Formula One champion shows how to navigate a white-knuckle 300ft ascent in a McLaren supercar

The best thing since stale bread

Among the pleasures of a good loaf is the chance to cook with it even when it’s past its peak

Instagram unfiltered

Photographer Annie Tritt goes behind the scenes of the app’s offices at Facebook’s headquarters in California

Waterloo above the fray

Photographer Giles Price took to the skies by helicopter to capture exclusive images as the battle was restaged in Belgium

Barbara Hepworth at Tate Britain

How the sculptor used photography to document her life and control the way the world saw her work

Moldova’s left-behind children

Some 40,000 children in Europe’s poorest country have parents who live and work abroad

France’s forgotten class

A study of a poor district in Lyon reveals some surprising results about a community in flux

‘Dreamlands’, by Rob Ball, Photographers’ Gallery, London

Evocative images of the restoration of Margate’s legendary amusement park, reopening this summer


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