Rineke Dijkstra's “Portrait of the Writer Gerard Reve, Zulte, Belgium”
©Collection Rijksmuseum

Twentieth-century photography at the Rijksmuseum

Modern photographs, not 17th-century painting, are the subject of a new exhibition at the Dutch national gallery

Marie Stopes correspondence

As a birth-control pioneer and author of 1918’s ‘Married Love’, Marie Stopes received thousands of letters from fans, critics and those in need of advice

Caro exhibition at Museo Correr
©Toby Glanville

Anthony Caro remembered

Toby Glanville’s photographs of the late sculptor’s works gave him a powerful insight into the artist’s mind

Jenny Tinmouth
©David Severn

Superbike racing with Jenny Tinmouth

Jenny Tinmouth is the first woman to compete in the British Superbike Championship

North Arabian Gulf. Landing signal officers, USS Ronald Reagan, 2009
©An-My Lê

An-My Lê’s photographs of US navy activities

As planes fly over Iraq once again, these images take on an eerie resonance

Michel and Pierre Huot at the market on Avenue du Président Wilson
©Lauren Fleishman

Street market traders of Paris

In spite of loyal customers, they face an uncertain future

Sylvia Whitman
©Stéphane Remael

Sylvia Whitman’s Paris discovery: the Finnish Cultural Centre

The Coutume Instituutti café is a favourite hangout for the owner of Paris’s Shakespeare & Company bookshop

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein’s 'Goethe in der römischen Campagna', 1787

Behind the scenes at the British Museum

Simon Schama talks to Neil MacGregor, director of ‘the BM’

The Copan building, São Paulo, 2002, by Andreas Gursky
©VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Architecture in photography at the Barbican

From skyscrapers and LA sprawl to industrial decay and ‘martini-modernism’, photographers use scale to provoke both angst and awe

Les mains de Le Corbusier,1952
©Lucien Hervé. Courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Lucien Hervé at the Michael Hoppen Gallery

The artist is renowned for taking photographs from multiple vantage points to portray the experience of walking through a building

London’s skyline: on the horizon

Some of the capital’s key development projects

Ones to watch: young design talents

The great and the good of the design world nominate their picks

Fencing with James Davis

One of the rising stars of British fencing has built a career on a childhood love of his ‘Star Wars’ light saber

Fruit and hop-picking

East Londoners once headed en masse to pick hops and fruit in the country. The tradition faded but today an artist is leading a revival

Brian David Stevens captures the sound systems of the Notting Hill Carnival

Pump up the volume: the photographer feels the bass at London’s famous street party

The troubled waters of the Mekong River

In the mounting global battle over water, the mighty Mekong is the new front line

Gillian Wearing

A quietly subversive or unexpected take on ‘ordinary’ subjects has characterised Gillian Wearing’s work for nearly two decades. The artist’s latest project – a statue of a family – is no exception

Louis van Gaal – a life on the pitch

The Dutchman’s sterling football career in pictures

The evolution of colour photography Russia

An exhibition explores how the medium developed from propaganda tool to subversive art form

A walk with the FT: The Isle of Portland route

A walk in Dorset with writer Sue Clifford is every bit as charming and quirky as her guidebooks

Seaside snaps by Sunbeam photographers

Seaside photographers from the Sunbeam company snapped holidaymakers on the Kent coast for 50 years. Some of the pictures have been returned by the owners for an exhibition of golden moments

The studio of painter Robert de Niro Sr

The studio features in a film made by his son, actor Robert De Niro

The soda fountain revival

The fixture of 1950s Main Street America is back

Goalkeeping with Michel Vorm

Should you aim low? Disguise your run-up? Or just wait awhile? The Dutch goalkeeper explains the best way to take a penalty kick

Recipe: spinach sformato with chicken livers

‘The sformato is a noble edifice – a typical example of the Italian urge to give classical form to even the simplest ideas’

Spain’s unemployed generation

Young Spaniards’ lives have been put on hold since the financial crisis

Recipes: broad beans

‘Even more than fresh peas, broad beans are the sophisticate’s favourite vegetable, treated with reverence all over Europe’

Stuart Franklin’s Calais

The Magnum photographer visited the tented community at the cross-Channel port, which has become the last barrier for economic and political migrants trying to enter Britain illegally

Recipe: squid, celery and tomato salad

‘Squid must either be seized very briefly with a fierce heat or gently braised for a long time and with enough liquid to slowly become tender’


The online crowdfunding platform has generated $1bn in five years to finance 60,000 creative projects

‘Moonshine memories’, by Bertien van Manen

Images and words from the photographer’s new book on a poor, rural mining community in Kentucky

Recipe: rosé jelly with rose petals, rhubarb and gariguettes strawberries

‘To many, jelly is nothing more than a distant memory from children’s parties. It means a bit more to me’

Recipe: tortilla with wild garlic

‘Wild garlic can add great value but, as with most powerful aromatics, moderation is required’

The story of CT Loo

He was the pre-eminent dealer in ancient Chinese art. But to some, he was a villain who plundered his country’s patrimony

A walk with the FT: The Holborn route with Peter Ackroyd

Short walk, long history: London chronicler Peter Ackroyd explores 900 years of incident

Recipe: langoustines

‘Being a purist about langoustines, I like them plain, in the shell and with a little mayonnaise’

Vinyl destination

Analogue is better than digital. To record fans this is an indisputable truth; and to record labels it is an increasingly attractive proposition too

Scotland: Yes or no?

From Glasgow to Coldstream, voters are approaching the independence question with a seriousness unknown among the self-mocking English

Recipe: shoulder of lamb with onions and turnip gratin

‘To compound my Old Testament proclivities, I have cooked this for a long time until it is of a melting consistency’

Recipe: chicken with morels

‘You either love morels or you don’t. I’ve known people not to get the point, despite their succulence and long, savoury flavour’