Limited-edition records released by The Vinyl Factory
©Richard Nicholson

Vinyl destination

Analogue is better than digital. To record fans this is an indisputable truth; and to record labels it is an increasingly attractive proposition too

Robert the Bruce statue
©Sophie Gerrard

Scotland: Yes or no?

From Glasgow to Coldstream, voters are approaching the independence question with a seriousness unknown among the self-mocking English

Rowley Leigh's shoulder of lamb with onions and turnip gratin
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: shoulder of lamb with onions and turnip gratin

‘To compound my Old Testament proclivities, I have cooked this for a long time until it is of a melting consistency’

Chicken with morels
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: chicken with morels

‘You either love morels or you don’t. I’ve known people not to get the point, despite their succulence and long, savoury flavour’

'A Bira', Marepe, 1999
©Daniela Paoliello

Inhotim: a museum like no other

Set over 3,000 acres of forest and farmland – and founded by billionaire mining tycoon Bernardo Paz – it includes works from Brazilian and international artists

Rowley Leigh's risi e luganeghe
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: risi e luganeghe

‘Sausage and rice may sound pedestrian but the result is remarkably light and extremely palatable’

Casey and Rowdy Horse Training, 71 Ranch, Deeth, Nevada 2012
©Lucas Foglia

Lucas Foglia’s new Wild West

In America’s old frontier, cowboys struggle to make a living amid an industrial-scale mining boom

Rowley Leigh's spaghetti with bottarga
©Andy Sewell

Recipe: spaghetti with bottarga

‘The best bottarga is made with the roe of an unfashionable fish, the grey mullet’

A view of the main street of Pingyao, where the first branch of the Sunrise Prosperity draft bank opened in 1823
©Jacqueline Hassink

Pingyao: the great Wall Street of China

Jacqueline Hassink photographs Pingyao, the birthplace of Chinese banking and a test case for the country’s new-found interest in its rapidly vanishing heritage

Creavia, France
©Yann Mingard

‘Deposit’ by Yann Mingard

The Swiss photographer spent four years documenting data centres, vaults and sperm banks across the world

Recipe: a Goan fish curry

‘For British cuisine truly to come of age, we must come to terms with our Indian diet and work it into our repertoire’

Recipe: bagna càuda

‘Crudités inspire fear and loathing in the sybaritic but bagna càuda combines virtue and wickedness in equal measure’

The World Marmalade Awards

A judging panel samples top marmalades at a prestigious international competition

Sea bass en papillote

‘I blame the telly – the way a dish looks has become much more important than the way it smells or tastes’

Rahm Emanuel

The Chicago mayor in action

La Sauce au vin du Médoc

Elizabeth David described it as an act of faith to continue with the recipe as it was written

Welcome to Bakersfield, California

How an ordinary California town became one of the home foreclosure capitals of America

Steak and kidney pudding

This pudding is a thing of joy and a very British response to a wet and dismal February

Meet the ancestors: Man’s early history at London Natural History Museum

Britain’s important human fossils, and rare animal finds too, are being brought together in a spectacular show

Recipe: Seville orange tart

‘If you are to follow today’s recipe you have to act now. Seville oranges have a very, very short season’

Evergrande International Football School

The Chinese football academy, possibly the world’s largest, has a mission to create a cadre of homegrown players capable of winning the World Cup

Recipe: steak au poivre

‘If a fried egg was the 11-plus of cookery, I think a peppered steak might be a good GCSE or even A-level’

Ageing Japan

Not only do Japanese live longer, they work longer, stay healthier and care for their elderly better. Photographs by Toshiki Senoue

Darren Almond: moonscapes

From Provence to Suffolk, Tasmania to Patagonia, the artist takes photographs of remote landscapes – lit solely by moonlight

Ham hock with lentils

‘This dish is still on the brasserie’s menu – though it costs more than the handful of francs I paid in 1978’

David Lynch’s factory photo archive

‘The real factories I love, they’re black-and-white experiences. Colour putrefies them’

Libya’s badlands

Southern Libya is a vast territory where oil, guns, trafficking and inter-ethnic conflict are dangerously combined. Ed Giles photographs the region

Kipper pâté

Although they look more attractive on the inside, Rowley Leigh always presents and tackles his kippers skin side up

Martin Parr

Submarines in Barrow, aircraft and animation in Bristol and the west

Stuart Franklin

Shipbuilding in Rosyth on the Firth of Forth

Jonas Bendiksen

Weaving and dyeing in West Yorkshire

Mark Power

Train-building in Derby, fabrics in Huddersfield, carmaking in Sunderland

Peter Marlow

Sauces and saddle-making in the West Midlands

Chris Steele-Perkins

Organics, sausages and yachts in Plymouth and the southwest

David Hurn

Socks, hats and survival equipment in south Wales

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Graphene, filters and engineering technology in the northwest

Recipe: pain perdu

‘Like Marie Antoinette, we might just have “forgotten” brioche, but it’s hard to envisage “leftover” panettone’

Recipe: pickled herring and beetroot

This dish, which marries the marine with the earthy, robust sweetness of beetroot, works exceptionally well

Ruling the waves

Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin’s powerful images of British tidal power

Recipe: rice pudding

‘This has always been my favourite, even on the occasion when my mother forgot to put the rice in her pudding’