Barbara Hepworth at Tate Britain

How the sculptor used photography to document her life and control the way the world saw her work

Ruslan and Sergiu Crismari. Nicoreni village, Moldova
©Ramin Mazur

Moldova’s left-behind children

Some 40,000 children in Europe’s poorest country have parents who live and work abroad

The Etats-Unis quarter was built in the 1930s as social housing
©Sandra Mehl

France’s forgotten class

A study of a poor district in Lyon reveals some surprising results about a community in flux

Dreamland's Sand Storm ride
©Rob Ball

‘Dreamlands’, by Rob Ball, Photographers’ Gallery, London

Evocative images of the restoration of Margate’s legendary amusement park, reopening this summer

Imber Village open day, Imbur, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, August 3 2013
©Simon Roberts

Figures in a landscape

Photographer Simon Roberts explores how we interact with our national beauty spots

The Valley of the Fallen or the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Cruz
©Alfredo Caliz

Facing up to Franco

Forty years after the dictator’s death, is Spain any closer to reaching an accord about its bloody past?

Devils Gate, Toquima Range, Nevada
©The artist and Gallery Luisotti, Santa Monica

Pictures of hell

Mark Ruwedel’s photographs of places with devilish names tell the story of the American landscape

A flare is seen burning at a StatOil work site near Watford, ND, on Wednesday, April 08, 2015
©Brandon Thibodeaux

The US shale revolution

How it changed the world (and why nothing will ever be the same again)

The bandstand at Arnold Circus
©Jasper Fry

Cornelia Parker’s London

Arnold Circus is the artist’s favourite spot in the city

British Airways pilot Mark Vanhoenacker
©Greg Funnell

Flying with pilot Mark Vanhoenacker

Air travel is a modern paradox: hugely popular yet extremely damaging to the planet

Alexander Gronsky’s photographs of the margins of Moscow

The images portray recreational pursuits in the city’s suburbs — where Muscovites still swim, sunbathe and picnic against a backdrop of urbanisation

‘Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea’ at the Natural History Museum

From corals plucked by Charles Darwin from the Indian Ocean to fossils dating back 440 million years, the Natural History Museum’s new exhibition showcases the wonders of a coral reef

Tomáš Werner’s pet project

A photographer’s best friend is a dog who knows how to hold a pose

Dominique Ansel: life after cronuts

The creator of the treat that even New Yorkers queue for is now opening a ‘bakery restaurant’

The Ganges

Can the sacred, polluted waters be saved?

Looking for Margaret Watkins

The Canadian-Scottish photographer was a hidden genius of 20th-century photography

Is Ed Miliband ready?

On the road with the Labour party leader

Afghanistan cricket

Former refugees who are going in to bat for their country

Police forensics

Inside West Midlands police forensics department

Facial reconstruction: bringing the past to life

Forensic anthropologists use the latest medical and digital-imaging techniques to recreate the faces of, among others, a Bronze Age warrior, a Neolithic child and Father Christmas

Enrique Metinides’s crime scene images

For 50 years the photographer chronicled the underbelly of daily life for the Mexican newspaper La Prensa. His unflinching images are both poignant and disturbing

An artist’s search for Bosnia’s missing

The 9,000 people still unaccounted for lie at the heart of Šejla Kamerić’s harrowing project at the Wellcome Collection’s ‘Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime’

Strange but true: photographs by Alec Soth

Beyond the corporate and cyber worlds, the US is still a place of cheerleaders and cowboys, of cliché and of surprise

Rohan Silva’s Second Home

A look at the entrepreneur’s 25,000 sq ft shared workspace

FT Masterclass: Sprinting with eight-time world champion Michael Johnson

‘The quickest way from A to B is a straight line so draw those guns from the holsters nice and straight’

History Cook’s Christmas

Polly Russell feasts on the past

Christmas gift guide

Treats for all the family – provided, of course, they’ve been well behaved

Kurdistan: a nation in waiting

Why the region’s long-held dream of independence remains in jeopardy

The archive of Jacob Bronowski

An archive dedicated to the polymath is now open at Jesus College, Cambridge

Leila Jeffreys’ wild cockatoos

A photographic exhibition celebrates some very colourful characters

Shopping and cooking in Hong Kong

In his second report from the Chinese city, Rowley Leigh goes in search of poultry

Angela Palmer’s F1-inspired artworks

The hidden beauty of a Formula One engine is the subject of Angela Palmer’s latest artworks. Ahead of her solo exhibition at The Fine Art Society, the artist talks about the story of their creation

Rowley Leigh visits Hong Kong’s fish markets

Freshness is all-important in the city’s bustling ‘wet’ markets

FT Masterclass: darts with Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor

At the Horseshoe pub in Clerkenwell, London, Carl Wilkinson gets some top-flight tips from a true legend of the oche. Taylor has claimed an unprecedented 16 World Championships and won more than £6m in prize money

Twentieth-century photography at the Rijksmuseum

Modern photographs, not 17th-century painting, are the subject of a new exhibition at the Dutch national gallery

Marie Stopes correspondence

As a birth-control pioneer and author of 1918’s ‘Married Love’, Marie Stopes received thousands of letters from fans, critics and those in need of advice

Anthony Caro remembered

Toby Glanville’s photographs of the late sculptor’s works gave him a powerful insight into the artist’s mind

Superbike racing with Jenny Tinmouth

Jenny Tinmouth is the first woman to compete in the British Superbike Championship

An-My Lê’s photographs of US navy activities

As planes fly over Iraq once again, these images take on an eerie resonance

Street market traders of Paris

In spite of loyal customers, they face an uncertain future


Martin Sandbu

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