Douglas Coupland: Biz Klass

Another drink to go with your dinner, sir? Unexpected class warfare five miles up

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios

Douglas Coupland: IQ

Are we any smarter? Well, we’re not getting stupider . . . 

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios

Douglas Coupland: Excuse me

How do you know you’ve had an unsuccessful person over for dinner? They don’t send you a thank-you note.

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios

Money is fun but it’s also filthy. Literally

Douglas Coupland on efforts to wean citizens off expensive-to-replace paper currency

Douglas Coupland
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Douglas Coupland: futurosity

‘How much future can our brains accept before they explode or implode?’

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios

Douglas Coupland: Oxy!

‘Let it be said that I have an addictive personality — and oxycodone is, as hillbilly populations will attest, extremely addictive’

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios

Douglas Coupland: Worcestershistershire

I wonder what my stomach would say to my condiment rack? ‘Oh, hello there, hamburger relish from 1997. Nice to see you again’

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios

Douglas Coupland: Stuff sick

Yes, I’m a hoarder. Collecting art is a very specific yet very real dimension of the OCD hoarding condition

Douglas Coupland: 3.1415926535

Money is the crystallisation of time and free will

Michael Pye
©Al Richardson

Michael Pye: Europe’s secret history

How a windswept beach in Holland changed my view of being European

Douglas Coupland: Good WiFi is good business

Listen up, you pathetic providers and hoteliers

Douglas Coupland: Little black ghost

Depression’s weird. If you don’t get it, then you don’t get it. But if you do, you do. And you see how it strips life of all colour

Douglas Coupland: Future blips

Those haiku-y moments that prove we really are no longer in the past

Douglas Coupland: God, no-God

How the internet forces us to choose between science and religion

Douglas Coupland: The Ones That Got Away

Fax machines, coffee shops, zombie movies . . . They’ll never take off . . .

Douglas Coupland: Duelling nationalities

What does citizenship really mean – and can you ever have too much of it?

Katie Roiphe’s top dogs

From pup-friendly Rolls-Royces to beds with turn-down service, New York’s pets have luxury covered. But what does this say about the owners?

Douglas Coupland: McWage

Why we will all be working in fast-food restaurants into our eighties

Douglas Coupland – My TV

‘A big screen in a domestic space is like having a ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ monolith inserted into your life’

Akhil Sharma: The money myth

The banker-turned-novelist recalls the ‘mad excitement’ of his early years as a poor immigrant in America, ‘where everything was possible’. Or was it?