Lawrence Scott: Sounds of home

Clacking trains at dawn in the city are a transport back to the sensations of growing up in Trinidad

Douglas Coupland
©Ken Mayer Studios @douglas coupland


We used to have all this stuff stored in our heads but now don’t. What happened?

Douglas Coupland
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Douglas Coupland: Why I love shopping

Shopping as alchemy: a quick look at the relatively new science of retail

Douglas Coupland
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Douglas Coupland: Failmail

‘Emails between me and the FT have been vanishing for months. It’s beyond a joke’

"Tsunami Hutch” (2014)
©Trevor Mills/Vancouver Art Gallery

Douglas Coupland: Trashed

Some thoughts on beauty, toxicity and the largely unexplored eighth continent of the world

Douglas Coupland
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Douglas Coupland: Moody

‘In just a quarter of a century we have completely rewritten the menu of possible human moods’

Douglas Coupland
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Douglas Coupland: Stamps

‘If you’re a millennial, a stamped letter is either a bill or from a stalker’

Douglas Coupland
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Douglas Coupland: Red dot

Uber is the poster child of change in the new freeconomy, and how it controls you might surprise you

Douglas Coupland
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Douglas Coupland: Got a life

What did it mean, ‘getting a life’? Did we all get one? Or maybe we’ve all not got lives any more

Douglas Coupland: Biz Klass

Another drink to go with your dinner, sir? Unexpected class warfare five miles up

Douglas Coupland: IQ

Are we any smarter? Well, we’re not getting stupider . . . 

Douglas Coupland: Excuse me

How do you know you’ve had an unsuccessful person over for dinner? They don’t send you a thank-you note.

Money is fun but it’s also filthy. Literally

Douglas Coupland on efforts to wean citizens off expensive-to-replace paper currency

Douglas Coupland: futurosity

‘How much future can our brains accept before they explode or implode?’

Douglas Coupland: Oxy!

‘Let it be said that I have an addictive personality — and oxycodone is, as hillbilly populations will attest, extremely addictive’

Douglas Coupland: Worcestershistershire

I wonder what my stomach would say to my condiment rack? ‘Oh, hello there, hamburger relish from 1997. Nice to see you again’

Douglas Coupland: Stuff sick

Yes, I’m a hoarder. Collecting art is a very specific yet very real dimension of the OCD hoarding condition

Douglas Coupland: 3.1415926535

Money is the crystallisation of time and free will

Michael Pye: Europe’s secret history

How a windswept beach in Holland changed my view of being European

Douglas Coupland: Good WiFi is good business

Listen up, you pathetic providers and hoteliers