Douglas Coupland: Future blips

©Jason Ford

Those haiku-y moments that prove we really are no longer in the past

Douglas Coupland: God, no-God

How the internet forces us to choose between science and religion

©Jason Ford

Douglas Coupland: The Ones That Got Away

Fax machines, coffee shops, zombie movies . . . They’ll never take off . . .

An illustration by Ken Mayer Studios of passports for sale
©Ken Mayer Studios ©Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland: Duelling nationalities

What does citizenship really mean – and can you ever have too much of it?

Katie Roiphe’s top dogs

From pup-friendly Rolls-Royces to beds with turn-down service, New York’s pets have luxury covered. But what does this say about the owners?

Illustration by Jason Ford of a fast food hell
©Jason Ford

Douglas Coupland: McWage

Why we will all be working in fast-food restaurants into our eighties

Illustration by Jason Ford of a living room
©Jason Ford

Douglas Coupland – My TV

‘A big screen in a domestic space is like having a “2001: A Space Odyssey” monolith inserted into your life’

Akhil Sharma
©Rosie Hallam

Akhil Sharma: The money myth

The banker-turned-novelist recalls the ‘mad excitement’ of his early years as a poor immigrant in America, ‘where everything was possible’. Or was it?

©Jason Ford

Douglas Coupland – 3½ fingers

It took four years for my brain to learn how to type on both a laptop and a mobile phone

Illustration by Marcel George of Jonathan Meades's memories of childhood cuisine
©Marcel George

Jonathan Meades: kitchen-sink dreamer

The writer recollects the far-from-impoverished cuisine of his 1950s childhood – and the technologists’ vision of a culinary revolution

Douglas Coupland: Drugs

I like pills. I like the idea of pills. They confer a superpower on you. Sadly, I don’t take many . . .

Douglas Coupland – living big

‘The ultimate truth about weight gain in western culture is it’s great for the economy’

Katie Roiphe – baring my soles

‘A law seems to have been passed in liberal, brownstone Brooklyn prohibiting the wearing of shoes . . . ’

Douglas Coupland – Globalisation is fun!

Airport stickers, Chinese cigarette packs as art, and the One Per Cent Politburo

Douglas Coupland: Unemployed

‘Technically, I don’t have a job – but I do have words of warning for those who’d like one’

Robin Lustig takes a stroll around Sochi

‘You really can’t erase a country’s past but Sochi has made a valiant attempt’

Douglas Coupland: The aliens within

The new video-game generation thinks – and creates – very differently. Take Lego . . .

Douglas Coupland: Unclassy

The old class definitions are becoming obsolete. Here are some new ones for a new era

Douglas Coupland: The Clock Strikes 13 in the Archive World

‘The world’s most intriguing documents now lie comatose inside a 1995-ish laptop … ’

Douglas Coupland: Notes on 21st-century relationships

‘Going online is such an intrinsically solitary act yet, ironically, it fosters the creation of groups and very strong relationships’