‘I hunted down my grandfather’s paintings’

Robert Seyffert spent years tracking down the works of one of the most famous US painters of the early 20th century

‘I posted myself in a box from England to Australia’

When Reg Spiers could not afford a plane ticket home, he decided to stow away in a box for the 63-hour journey

‘I indexed Shanghai’s soup dumplings’

Christopher St Cavish measured Shanghai’s famous ‘xiaolongbao’ from about 50 restaurants

‘I use sporting memories to help people with dementia’

Tony Jameson-Allen co-founded a group that uses sports memorabilia to keep older people connected

Welsh beekeeper Wil Griffith
©Gareth Phillips

‘I keep the Welsh language alive through bees’

Wil Griffiths set up an organisation whose aim is the survival of his native tongue — and of bees

Steve Dagworthy
©Charlie Bibby

‘I get white-collar criminals ready for jail’

Steve Dagworthy, who served three years in prison for financial crime, on helping inmates to cope

‘I street danced during the Baltimore riots’

Dimitri Reeves on how he seeks to spread positivity with Michael Jackson tributes

Kate Poland
©Sophie Green

‘I grew a shirt from scratch in London’

Kate Poland asked 500 people to help make a shirt — from planting the seeds to applying the final stitch

‘I invented the ‘bubble’ used to transport Ebola patients by plane’

Chuck Myers designed a system that lets air in and out — but not pathogens

‘I invented a fishing fly that made millions of dollars’

Charlie Smith’s bonefish fly revolutionised saltwater fly-fishing

‘I run a choir of the dispossessed’

The Reverend Niall Weir had two options to bring people together: food or music

‘I run a food truck for dogs’

‘Our bestselling biscuit is peanut butter’: meet the owner of Bow Wow Bones

‘I’m an artist who makes crop circles’

Curiosity sparked John Lundberg’s unusual hobby, which businesses later used for promotional campaigns

‘I teach birds to follow me around’

Lloyd Buck builds strong bonds with the birds he has been rearing for TV and films for the past 25 years

‘I learn my Shakespeare lines using illustrations’

Actor Lloyd Everitt, who is dyslexic, draws images to help memorise a script and overcome his fear

First Person: ‘I discovered fish living under a glacier’

The discovery of creatures living in such a barren environment lends credence to the possibility of finding extraterrestrial life, says geoscientist Ross Powell

‘I comfort drunk and distraught clubbers’

Club Angel volunteer Ruth Bruce

First Person: ‘I run a death café’

Suzanne Michal is keen to challenge taboos around dying

‘I was told I might not walk again but became a freestyle champion’

When an injury ended Andrew Henderson’s hopes of a rugby career, freestyle became his passion

First Person: ‘I’m a professional corpse’

‘A lot of it is from being lazy. You need to get very relaxed,’ says dead body actor Chuck Lamb

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