‘I spend my days in sea caves’

Sarah Adams
©Tamar Seaborn

For landscape painter Sarah Adams, working on site is a race against time before the tides come in

Daniel Kelly
©Theo Cottle

‘I cut people’s hair in front of art’

Daniel Kelly’s clients gaze at artworks instead of their reflections in the mirror

Luca Parmitano
©Eric Kayne

‘I nearly drowned during a spacewalk’

‘The water had reached inside my nose. All at once, I couldn’t see, I was on my own and struggling to breathe’

Karen Boggie
©Caroline Douglas

‘I captain a team in the Homeless World Cup’

Karen Boggie describes how football has helped her to reclaim her life from drug addiction

Mick Ringham
©Tommy Sussex

‘I played the first ever set at Glastonbury’

‘No one thought the festival would ever take off — it was so hit-and-miss,’ says DJ Mick Ringham

Jan Store
©Colin Delfosse

‘I conducted EU diplomacy in a sauna’

Former Finnish ambassador to the EU Jan Store on his unique Brussels meeting place

Fredrik Lindfors
©Luke & Nik

‘I’m a champion oyster shucker’

‘Don’t ask me to eat one — I don’t like the salty taste,’ says Fredrik Lindfors

Sharon Crowell-Davis
©Branden Camp

‘I learnt how cats communicate’

‘What purring really means is: take care of me,’ says veterinary behaviourist Sharon Crowell-Davis

David Latchford, Commodore of The South West Shingles Yacht Club, which is an invite only club for sailors who have crashed at sea.

‘I run a club for people who have messed up at sea’

‘A sense of humour about your misadventure is a big part of the club’s ethos,’ says David Latchford

Lawrence Bernstein says half his company’s speechwriting work is for weddings
©William Lakin

‘I wrote a marriage proposal for both halves of a couple’

Lawrence Bernstein’s company writes corporate speeches but half its work is for weddings

‘I’m a female imam’

Asma Bhol preaches an inclusive Islam that welcomes people of any gender, sexuality or minority

‘I turned electronic waste into robots’

Esteban Quispe made his very own Wall-E from materials at his local dump

‘I organise a conference about boring things’

James Ward’s annual event celebrates the mundane, from ringbinders to ice-cream van chimes

‘I paddle an inflatable kayak to work’

Adventurer George Bullard navigates the Thames on his daily commute

‘I help reconcile blood feuds in Albania’

Volunteer Gjin Marku tries to mitigate revenge by focusing on consequences such as imprisonment

‘I teach scientists to climb trees’

‘If they get stuck up a tree in a remote jungle, there’s no 999 to call,’ says instructor Tim Kovar

‘I’ve amassed a record number of misspellings of my name’

Edward Nedelcov, aka EA Dedelcov and B Heddlegove, has collected 1,476 variations

‘I saved a friend lost in the South Pacific’

Giovanni Soldini was competing in a solo, around-the-world yacht race when he received an emergency telex

‘I turn spider webs into art’

Tomás Saraceno makes 3D scans of webs and music from the rhythmic vibrations spiders produce

‘I wore a top hat while sleeping rough, then set up a top-hat business’

Colin Rosie went from being homeless to selling 400 hats a week

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