‘I made a coffin for a strand of Lord Nelson’s hair’

Jane Wildgoose holding a replica of Lord Nelson's coffin
©Yoshi Kametani

Jane Wildgoose worked with a lock originally sent by Horatia, Nelson’s daughter, to friends and colleague

Aydin Akin photographed on his daily bicycle protest in Berlin earlier this month
©Diane Vincent

‘I’ve been a one-man cycling demonstration for 10 years’

Aydin Akin rides through Berlin daily in a campaign for equal voting rights for non-EU citizens

‘I take care of 5,000 donkeys’

Former film-maker and banker Eduardo Aparício now looks after abandoned animals on a ranch in Brazil

©Kate Fichard

‘I collect and play ship horns’

‘I have around 40 big ones, mainly from famous warships and maybe 100 smaller ones as well,’ says Raoul de la Roche Aymon

John McAvoy
©Charlie Bibby

‘I broke world rowing records while in jail’

The respect John McAvoy so craved as a criminal was earned instead as a sportsman

Andrew Ainsworth
©Simon Di Principe

‘I fought George Lucas in court over Stormtroopers’

Andrew Ainsworth made the props for more than 200 characters in the first ‘Star Wars’ film

‘I’ve helped thousands of Syrian refugees’

Melinda McRostie runs transit points to welcome refugees brought in by the Greek coastguard

‘I founded the Roundabout Appreciation Society’

‘I was determined to find a subject for the calendar that was more original than naked ladies from the Women’s Institute,’ says Kevin Beresford

‘I created an international school for Santas’

‘What makes a great Santa isn’t his “Ho Ho Ho” or the cost of his outfit,’ says Tim Connaghan

‘I was a dog-walking anarchist’

‘I’d warn clients when there was a chance I’d get arrested on a demo,’ says Joshua Stephens

‘I’m the last in a 200-year line of gardeners’

Martin Gee’s family has worked on the grounds at Weston Park in Staffordshire since 1803

‘My uni team got to play in the Europa League’

‘Ireland’s football teams were granted an extra place in this year’s league as a reward for having an excellent fair-play record,’ says Niall Corbet

‘I use baby dolls as a teen pregnancy deterrent’

‘With these dolls you don’t have to preach at the kids. They find out themselves,’ says Janette Collins

‘I make myself disappear in my art’

‘I disappear so that more people realise the problems we face. I always have this feeling of salvation as I disappear,’ says Liu Bolin

‘I was a cold war people smuggler’

Volker Heinz helped East Germans escape to the west

‘I use music to change how food tastes’

Janice Wang’s experiments test the relationship between sounds and people’s perception of food

‘I skied down a near-vertical drop’

Freeskier Cody Townsend’s run down ‘The Crack’ changed his life

‘I designed the Queen’s fifth coin portrait’

Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark created a ‘more positive look’ with a warm expression

‘I build modernist sandcastles’

Calvin Seibert first got the bug for building castles from sand piles on construction sites

‘I’m in a wheelchair and I’m a prison guard’

Markus Häusling is in training for next year’s Paralympics