First Person: ‘I’m a professional corpse’

Chuck Lamb plays dead: 'A lot of it is from being lazy. You need to get very relaxed.'
©Chuck Lamb

‘A lot of it is from being lazy. You need to get very relaxed,’ says dead body actor Chuck Lamb

‘I coached the Malawian football team at 17’

Tom Bowden went to Malawi to coach schoolchildren but was so successful with them that he was asked to help the national team

‘I built a replica of Graceland in Denmark’

A fan of Elvis Presley from the age of eight, Henrik Knudsen was inspired to recreate the home of The King for Europeans

©Charlie Bibby

First Person: ‘I was a leaflet bomber’

Bob Newland says he had no idea how important his work had been to the anti-apartheid struggle

His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa and kung fu nuns: “Their routine is quite spectacular”
©Tereza Cerveňová

First Person: ‘I set up kung fu classes for nuns’

His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa and kung fu nuns: ‘Their routine is quite spectacular’

First Person: ‘I cook meals on my car engine’

Alfred Cary’s favourites include sea bass with ginger, soy sauce, chilli and lemon grass

Skydiver Lesley Gale
©David Severn

‘I was one of 117 women in a record skydive’

After 30 years of skydiving, Lesley Gale decided to seek out an extra challenge

First Person: ‘I’m Britain’s first female beer inspector’

After 26 years in the industry, Annabel Smith is passionate about beer being a ‘gender-neutral drink’

David Cruse

First Person: ‘I teach English to the Japanese using “Downton Abbey”’

Part of David Cruse’s job teaching at the British Council in Tokyo is promoting popular British culture

First Person: ‘I started a poetry corner for commuters’

David Hunt enjoys the buzz people get out of the verse that he and London Underground staff place on a station noticeboard

First Person: ‘I’m blind but have a guide horse’

Mona Ramouna relates how acquiring Cali, her guide horse, ‘was like being able to see again’

First Person: ‘I knit my mother’s front garden’

Suzanne Haggerty creates woollen outdoor displays for the public to enjoy

First Person: ‘I studied at the Guildhall without being able to read music’

After his audition, Njabulo Madlala was offered a full scholarship on the spot

First Person – ‘I was the only passenger when my pilot collapsed’

Andy Lewis was flying over the Cape Verde Islands when his pilot lost consciousness: ‘I’m not religious but I feel somebody stopped me from dying’

First Person: ‘I breed insects for eating’

Laetitia Giroud’s farm in Spain supplies insect food for both human and animal consumption

First Person: ‘I make chocolate stilettos’

Chocolatier Paul Chauvaux says the shoe has to be sturdy enough to stand but delicate enough to look good

First Person: ‘A wildfire broke out as I photographed a wedding’

Josh Newton’s dramatic photo - taken with his smartphone - became a viral hit

‘I give advice to strangers’

Matt Stillman, a writer and personal coach from Harlem, has sat with about 3,500 people in Union Square since 2009

‘I remove tattoos from gang members’

Suyapa Bonilla, a neighbourhood nurse in Honduras, helps ‘mareros’ blend in and hopefully get jobs

‘I make educational pancakes’

With a condiment squeeze bottle and a good non-stick pan, Nathan Shields has made about 1,000 – from a portrait of Newton to nudibranchs

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