Totes Meer (Dead Sea)

Tate to display modern blockbusters

Exhibitions planned for 2016 include O’Keeffe, Bacon and Nash

Andeel cartoon

Comics and cartoons flourish in Middle East

The appetite for satire and mockery is strong in the region

©John Hammond/Barford Sculptures

Anthony Caro: the shaping of a radical

Two shows reveal how the sculptor trampled on tradition and redefined his art

Assemble’s Folly for a Flyover (2011) in east London
©Lewis Jones

Is Assemble the future of progressive architecture?

The Turner Prize-nominated collective are changing the way we think about building

Snaphot: ‘Escape’ (2013), by Danila Tkachenko

Photoseries on Russian and Ukrainian hermits is a study of withdrawal from society


Mad about Margot

Fashion — and art — is having a Wes Anderson moment

Grete Stern's 'Sueño No. 28: Amor sin ilusión' ('Dream No. 28: Love Without Illusion'), 1951
©Estate of Horacio Coppola

Grete Stern and Horacio Coppola, MoMA, New York

Grete Stern’s surreal images form the core of this terrific show

Jean-Michel Basquiat in Bilbao

The groundbreaking artist gets a fine retrospective at the Guggenheim

Charles Avery

Charles Avery, on show in Edinburgh

The artist talks about his expanding fictional universe

©Anthea Hamilton

Where are all the women artists?

Collector Valeria Napoleone is working to redress female under-representation in galleries and museums