William Eggleston's 'Untitled (Boy Asleep)' (1970-73)

I Still Believe in Miracles, Inverleith House, Edinburgh — ‘Improbable loveliness’

This exhibition pursues a dreamlike course through its galleries

‘Michigan Theater, Detroit, 2015’
©Hiroshi Sugimoto

Snapshot: ‘Michigan Theater, Detroit, 2015’ by Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Japanese photographer who captures whole movies in a single photo

Alma Thomas reached for the stars

How did a black woman raised in segregation-era America gain renown as a painter of captivating canvases?

‘Ginny and Elizabeth’ (1976)
©Alice Neel Estate

Alice Neel exhibition in Edinburgh

The US painter best known for her anguished portraits is given a new — and rather less gloomy — showing at Talbot Rice gallery

Syrian refugee and his daughter near the Greek village of Idomeni
©Yannis Behrakis

A new art show on the frontline of the refugee crisis

An exhibition on the Greek island of Samos hopes to inspire refugee crisis solutions

The Philharmonie de Paris concert hall by French architect Jean Nouvel
©Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty

The problem with building concert halls

As London debates a proposed new music venue, a look at why these buildings are notoriously so expensive

Nikolai Kolesnikov restoring Henri Matisse’s “L’atelier rose” (1911) at the Pushkin Museum
©Petr Antonov

Russia’s great art rescue

They survived revolution, war and the cold. Now restored works from a legendary Moscow collection are going on show

©Richard Caspole

Yale Center for British Art: ‘A meticulous restoration’

This 1977 building has undergone an almost obsessive renovation

Josh Spero photographed by Doreen by Philip Sutton in the FT building. For special reports piece on Corporate Art. 15/8/16

Adventures in corporate art collections

Staff, clients and art pioneers benefit from adventurous pictures in the office

Graham Fagen’s ‘A Drama in Time’
©Ross Fraser McLean

Public art: monuments maketh the man

This year’s Edinburgh Art Festival has adopted a theme that places artists in a creative dialogue with the city’s historical sites