Photobooks at Donlon Books in Hackney, east London, including Lorenzo Vitturi’s ‘Dalston Anatomy’
©Andy Sewell

Why photobooks are booming in a digital age

Instead of killing off the printed page, technology has enabled photographers to design and print their own books

Detail. Sandro Botticelli. ‘Cristoforo Landino presents his Disputationes Camaldulensesto Federico da Montefeltro’
©Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica

The Ottomans in Renaissance art

European images of the Ottomans offer a revealing insight into how the all-conquering empire was perceived in the west

An Edouard Denis Baldus photograph of flooding in Lyon (1856)
©Wilson Centre for Photography

Photography at its infancy on show at Tate Britain

Tate Britain hosts an exhibition that offers a rare chance to see images made by one of the medium’s very earliest processes — salt and silver

The Armory rings in the changes

New York’s oldest modern and contemporary fair opens next week with a special focus on Middle Eastern art

The Art Market: Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond fails to please

That famous diamond in trouble again; a former forger’s lucrative new career; art in a flea market; Sotheby’s classic car connection

Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink
©Bill Yates

Snapshot: ‘Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink’ (1972-73), by Bill Yates

In the early 1970s the photographer came across a rickety wooden roller skating rink and photographed the children of migrant workers and farmers

Q&A with Gerhard Steidl, publisher

The German publisher of photography books talks to Liz Jobey

Left: Manet's 'Portrait of Mademoiselle Claus' (1868). Right: 'Homage to Manet' by Sir William Orpen (1909)

Homage to Manet, Norwich Castle Museum and Gallery, Norwich, UK — review

A study of the painter’s legacy focuses on the portrayal of women

©David Levene

Cornelia Parker at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

The work of one of Britain’s most important artists reopens the Manchester gallery

‘Magnetism’ by Ahmed Mater

The Art Market: The imitation game

The repeated problem of copying; a young gallerist with grown-up prices; a levelling-out of the contemporary market may be on its way