A still from Cao Fei's 'Whose Utopia?' (2006)

Cao Fei, MoMA PS1, New York — ‘Pithy and profound’

A wistful portrait of urbanism’s crushing embrace

‘Duo de Congas Gris y Plata’ (2015) by Los Carpinteros, at Peter Kilchmann gallery in Frieze’s main section

A fair case of FOMO

Why young galleries need art fairs — and art fairs need them

Maurizio Cattelan restages ‘donkey work’ at Frieze NY

The art world ‘joker’ talks about his ill-fated installation which includes a live donkey

Alexis Rockman’s ‘Sea World’ (2004)
©Virginia Museum of Fine Art

American painter Alexis Rockman

The artist uses soil and debris from around New York to depict the life forms that have inhabited the area for the past 300 million years

Frieze Projects: The opposite of a pickpocket

Visitors should watch out for the professional thief roaming the aisles dropping miniature sculptures into the bags and pockets of distracted passers-by

Fernando and Humberto Campana’s Bolotas Sofa at Friedman Benda

The design fair that carved a niche

Three years after the first Collective fair in New York, dealers and buyers talk about how the design market has evolved

Abraham Palatnik’s ‘Kinetic Object C-115’ (1969)
©Nara Roesler Gallery

Rio’s rallying cry

Rio de Janeiro’s galleries remain vibrant, despite art collectors feeling cautious amid political and economic turmoil

Cindy Sherman’s ‘Untitled (#175)’ (1987)

Auction: A purple frog and the price of failure

The trend for ‘curated’ sales scales new heights

Touria El Glaoui at Somerset House in London
©Victoria Birkinshaw

African art — 1:54 art fair in New York

Contemporary work from the continent is in hot demand

From left to right: Dan Flavin’s ‘untitled (to Don Judd, colorist)’ numbers five, one and four (1987)
©Courtesy of David Zwirner, New York/London

The art of Robert Irwin and Dan Flavin

The works of the two artists play around with optics and perception

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