Fouad Elkoury’s ‘Color snapshot, Place des Canons (Beirut 1982)’, 2014

Here and Elsewhere, New Museum, New York

A display of Arab art that keeps clichés at bay

'Oppy Wood, 1917, Evening' (1918), by John Nash, oil on canvas
©IWM ART 2243

Other exhibitions: Barbara Kruger, Jerwood Drawing Festival and more

British Art of the First World War, Jerwood Drawing Festival, Barbara Kruger, Ikon in the 1980s and Radical Geometry

Toulouse-Lautrec at MoMA, New York

The French artist’s posters reveal a deliciously muted vision of a bygone world of Parisian nightlife

Paul Van Hoeydonck’s sculpture ‘Fallen Astronaut’

Art that has gone into space

We have long been sending art beyond our world

©Dan Wetmore

Snapshot: ‘2014 Light Work Grants’ by Dan Wetmore, Trevor Clement and Sebastian Collett

Dan Wetmore’s work deals with post-industrial landscapes, ‘at the juncture of romanticism and current social and economic conditions’

Tahiti Revisited by William Hodges
©National Marime Museum

The Art and Science of Exploration 1768-80, The Queen’s House, Greenwich, UK

This exhibition celebrates the seductive aura of the exotic

The Stratocruiser's lower-deck lounge had a bar where passengers could buy a cocktail or soft drink
©Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Snapshot: ‘Hawaii by Air’, National Air and Space Museum

An exhibition celebrating the role of air travel in transforming Hawaii, one of the most remote places on earth

Ai Weiwei's Fairytale Chairs (detail), 2007
©Courtesy Leister Foundation, Switzerland

Other exhibitions: Gego, Franz West and more

Ai Weiwei, Gego, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, Franz West, Bruegel to Freud and Mario Schifano

Gerardo Dottori: The Futurist View, London

The artist’s swirling geometric forms never quite lose representational impetus, but depictions of rural Umbria are transformed by his abstracting aerial viewpoint

Robert Gober, shot by Tim Knox
©Tim Knox

MoMA stages Robert Gober retrospective

One of contemporary art’s more enigmatic figures, the reticent American artist talks about his practice and responses to times of crisis