Museum accepts art from Nazi dealer’s son

Kunstmuseum Bern takes bequest from Cornelius Gurlitt

Wojciech Fangor
©Wlodzimierz Wasyluk/Reporter

Pole position in Mayfair

Simon de Pury + Polish billionaire = London exhibition; New York’s heavy guarantees; Phillips in watches

Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘La Nona Ora’ (1999)
©Zeno Zotti/Maurizio Cattelan’s Archive

Maurizio Cattelan’s interview and new show

‘Every reign needs its jester’, says Italy’s best-known contemporary artist and chief joker

©Arthur Elgort

Arthur Elgort: The Big Picture

‘Arthur Elgort: The Big Picture’

Sophie Elgort: my father’s eye

As a new book and exhibition celebrate the career of photographer Arthur Elgort, his daughter Sophie recalls life behind – and before – his lens

Support the arts: enter the draw

The National Lottery is possibly the most successful example of crowdfunding ever

Snapshot: ‘Come Home at Once’, Bantam Press

A selection of more than 100 from Guy Atkins’ collection of postcards sent between 1902 and 1914

Art is judged by price not aesthetics

We have lost the ability to assess art for ourselves and on its own merits, writes Bendor Grosvenor

Bruce Davidson’s ‘Great Britain, Wales’ (1965)
©Bruce Davidson/Magnum Photos

Paris Photo photography fair – report

Modestly-priced prints were shown alongside rare 19th-century works

Mary McCartney’s candid fashion shots

The photographer talks about the intimate moments behind her images