The naked truth

‘Everyone thinks about clothes; about how they want others to see them’

The Marylebone Tech handbag

Power in the handbag

‘The black and capacious bag comes with a juice pack. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to my lawyer/banker friends’

Bestsellers’ jackets

‘Having a great book idea is one thing, and writing a great book another, but having a great image helps’

Latin lessons in dressing

‘Bachelet and Rousseff seem to have adopted the Angela Merkel approach to dressing: adopt a uniform’

A victory for resilience

No matter where you go, and no matter how counter-intuitive it seems, when things get thorny, you often find fashion

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2014, Paris fashion week

Paris autumn/winter 2014 womenswear

The FT’s fashion editor highlights the main trends at Paris Fashion Week

Show season ends with a fresh start

Nicolas Ghesquière, the new designer at Louis Vuitton, heralds a divergence in approaches

Ready-to-wear is having a Warhol moment

From Saint Laurent to Chanel, brands play the packaging game

Diverging realities and dissonance of life

It is not about escapism but rather wrestling with things as they are

Creativity takes centre stage

Watanabe dances with the dark; Kawakubo spins a yarn

Despite Oscars, Paris designers go for elegance not entertainment

Viktor & Rolf show quietest collection, Kenzo looks to the movies

Milan fashion week

Women in suits, sweaters and the 1970s look are the emerging trends in Italy’s capital of style

Oblique nods and intuitive leaps

The thought process that goes into clothes is rarely linear

Mastered staples unpicked

Designers seize the opportunity to shed sartorial prejudices

New designers chase the dream

Aganovich, Charlier and Li attempt to define their own signature

Marras and Marni serve up a travelogue

The two Milanese brands carved their own path

Italy gets a grown-up attitude

It was out with the sex and in with the self-assurance

The leap from catwalk to the street

Prada came up with clothes meant to please the wearer

Italy prepares for a style youthquake

Putting faith in young talent – off and on the catwalk

Gucci goes back to the ’60s


Vanessa Friedman Vanessa Friedman was fashion editor of the FT from 2002 until 2014. She was the first person to hold the post.