Each penthouse suite at the Rathbone Square is equipped with a cosmetics fridge

Bathroom fridges — a cool idea?

Why a chiller for your cosmetics is the latest accessory in luxury living

Best feet forward

Beauty’s great leveller — feet sort the 360-degree groomers from the rest of us

Lucy Kellaway having a facial at Askinology, London
©Rick Pushinsky

Lucy Kellaway samples collagen cocktails

Can you drink your worry lines away?

AmorePacific ramps up US expansion

Exports of S Korean cosmetic products to US rise 35%

Going grey with grace

Would abandoning the tyranny of the three-week root touch-up and embracing our grey hair really be so dreadful?

Shopping: six eco-friendly sunscreens

Stop before you slather: find the best ways to protect your skin - and the environment - in the sun

A green guide to summer beauty

Kathleen Baird-Murray tests the best eco-friendly products to take on holiday

Kisskiss Liplift lipstick fixer by Guerlain
©Studio 106

Primer time

You can now get a make-up primer for every feature of your face. But which ones are worth it?

Look up! And other ways to save one’s neck

Neck creams are catching on and many brands claim their products firm and tighten the skin

Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Contouring? Turn the other cheek

If it’s naturally enhanced cheekbones you’re after, learn to love blushing and bronzing

Mind over the matter of losing a stone

Can hypnotherapy keep me away from the croissants?

The Jenner-ation game

How Estée Lauder’s new online magazine is clicking with a younger audience

Petal power

The pick of the prettiest spring blushers and cute compacts

Bone broth: the new cool fuel

Lucie Green on how consommé became the fashion pack’s favourite tipple

The washbag’s secret weapon

‘Water. A face cloth. And my coconut balm.’ Rose-Marie Swift reveals her top beauty tip

New make-up maestros

Young, bold and brilliant with a brush: four major appointments in the beauty industry are set to transform the way we look

The joy of suds

Bathtime is increasingly under threat as more of us opt for the power shower. Time to remember one of life’s greatest luxuries

The barefaced cheek of the natural look

The make-up free look is not easy to achieve, unless you’re Keira Knightley. If you’re not? Learn to cheat

The juice detox, deconstructed

Most juice fasts don’t support the liver or the body’s delicate ecology

Divine inspiration

Thai boxing, diamond-dust exfoliators and lashings of lip gloss — find out more about the art of looking like an ‘angel’

On the scent of the perfect fragrance

In the season of gift-giving, perfume seems to be an easy choice, but industry insiders say, that’s not really the case

Man meets moisturiser

Male skincare is a booming business. But can an avowed soap-and-water man be persuaded to switch to serums?

The tong weekend

The man behind Alexa Chung’s ‘waves’ now offers lessons on how to do the do

How to give gorgeousness

The best products to prettify, polish and pamper

Helena Rubinstein: a head for business

A new exhibition looks at how the cosmetics tycoon created a brand in her own image

Fjord fiesta: innovative beauty ideas from the Arctic

The home of minimal furniture and Nordic noir is now getting a name for skincare and cosmetics

My brush with the ‘X-Factor’ stylist

Fun will always trump high-falutin’ fashion when it comes to party hair

Good vibrations

I suspect my expensive face cloths are covertly used by my husband to give the taps a quick polish

The business of lipstick

From Gucci to Burberry, designer brands are entering the beauty sector. But are lipsticks always lucrative?

Oil rush

Whether it’s argan, coconut, or black rose, this slickest of ingredients can treat your every beauty need

Eight essential beauty looks for autumn

The best new season beauty tricks – from ‘gym hair’ to lo-fi brows

Post-holiday hair care

Masks, oils and ‘anti-shampoos’ – what the leading authorities in hair and scalp health recommend

‘Bikini selfie’ season

I dropped an inch instantly, but expect evil-looking bruising afterwards

The definition of perfect cheekbones

New products that provide a shortcut to striking looks with nothing more invasive than a bronzer brush

Anti-pollution skincare solutions

Tackling the effects of environmental damage is the latest target for anti-ageing products

Beauty insider: The sun’s risk factors

Sunscreen’s role in protecting us might not be as big as previously thought

Go bold with this season’s brightest lipsticks

Trendy young women trade their neutral shades for more adventurous colours

Let’s shed our fitness myths

We women have spent years not finding a ‘cure’. And men come along and claim ownership? I don’t think so

My position on yoga

‘I spent the 90-minute class fuming about how money-grabbing the new yoga had become’

Vintage skincare