How do we respect others’ choices?

‘True respect requires everyone to see others as capable of hearing criticisms and debating about them’

Should we be embarrassed?

It’s not just friends who can leave us red-faced but even compatriots who behave badly abroad

Is work good for us?

‘So interdependent is society that no one can claim to owe their affluence solely to their own talent or effort’

Must we get to the bottom of things?

‘Simply accepting that there are no ultimate grounds for anything looks like a cop-out’

How important is our environment?

‘If we have a tendency to run away from problems, we’d do well to question our motivation in seeking a change of scene’

Do we need metaphors?

‘Should we at least try to purge metaphor from rigorous disciplines such as philosophy, science and economics?’

Does an apology matter?

‘Far from being the hardest word, saying sorry is much easier than addressing the legacy of historical injustices’

Should we break our routines?

‘Excellence usually requires discipline and effort, and these are helped by the structures of routines’

Do our possessions define us?

‘The transitory nature of all things applies to partners as well as iPads’

How important in life is fun?

‘Having fun involves living in the moment without a care as to whether what you are enjoying is edifying’

Can we help the way we feel?

‘Exercising control over how we feel is more tenuous than we tend to believe’

Should we feel sorry for ourselves?

‘Developing compassion for ourselves may lead us to become more compassionate towards others’

How do we live with our mistakes?

‘We usually agonise more over the mistakes we know we have made than the bigger ones we might have made’

Can we lead a fulfilling life without children?

‘A genuine mistake is the idea that anything can complete a life and make it full’

Who’s responsible for our happiness?

‘The obligation of the state is to protect and enable citizens’ right to pursue happiness, not to make sure they find it’

Should we come to terms with death?

‘Living with an awareness of death doesn’t have to imply gloomily dwelling on it all the time’

Why aren’t tea towels enough?

‘Inspirational quotes on mugs and tea towels do offer wisdom, but the insight is here today and gone tomorrow’

Should we collect memories?

‘Meaningful experiences don’t leave us with nothing — they give us memories that can bring emotional succour for years to come’

Should we change ourselves or the world?

‘It’s important to understand why you’re finding an aspect of life difficult but equally crucial to try and change the situation’

How do we choose our guides?

‘Give someone good advice and they’ll make a good choice today, teach them how to make good choices and they’ll keep on making them’

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