Are you selfish?

‘Selfishness in genes is not the same as selfishness in the whole human being’

Are you in the spotlight?

Our viewpoint is ‘me-centred’, so it’s only natural to assume that everybody else takes the same close interest in us

Should we ‘get over it’?

‘Those who can neither forgive nor forget are doomed to be eaten up from within by their own resentments’

What transforms us?

‘Philosophy is rarely transformative, being neither a good cure for misery nor a cause of it’

Are good intentions enough?

‘Effort and intention are up to us, whereas results depend on the precarious outside world’

Should we have pets?

‘At best, the pet-human relationship is a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship’

Do we need props?

‘The main issue is whether gadgets and apps help us to run our lives or whether we allow ourselves to be ruled by them’

Illustration of a mother and child by Laura Carlin
©Laura Carlin

What do we owe our parents?

We want to both pay our debt to our parents and lash out for the baggage they’ve bequeathed us

Should we meditate?

In terms of health, meditation is lodging itself firmly alongside your five-a-day and physical exercise

Should you show you care?

‘There are sometimes good reasons why feelings do not result in clear expressions of love’

Are we in denial?

How many of our most cherished beliefs are strongly immune from evidence?

What is comfort?

‘There is a reason why one of the oldest soap opera clichés is to put the kettle on’

Should we seek material security?

‘Instead of chasing chimeras, we should learn to come to terms with life’s fundamental insecurity’

Where does motivation come from?

You can discover your motivation by simply noticing what you are inclined to do or what you find yourself doing

Should we cultivate resilience?

If you find yourself drawing on your resilience a lot, then you ought to ask yourself why you keep hitting the floor

Best of 2014 - Should we stop moaning?

There is something therapeutic about having a mutual moan – ‘mutual’ being the operative word here

Best of 2014 - Do you suffer from Fear Of Missing Out?

What a relief it is to realise that it’s actually OK to miss out sometimes

What’s the problem with anger?

The more a machine is designed to look as though it’s trying to help, the more angry we get when it lets us down

How should we present ourselves?

We feel we have to blow our own trumpet for fear of being perceived as negative and lacking in self-esteem

How gloomy should we be?

‘Yes, there is a lot to be disheartened about, but that doesn’t mean we have to forgo what happiness comes our way’